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Brand Focus

Fulton Umbrellas: The Storm Test

Our intrepid product team have been out in cyclone-strength winds to bring you the lowdown on whether Fulton Umbrellas can stand up to storm conditions. Watch our storm test to find out the results!

Flexyfoot: The Solution to Common Crutch Problems

Have you been struggling with your standard crutch? Conventionally designed crutches can cause pain in the wrist and the upper body, and do little to improve safety or stability on certain types of terrains. But thankfully, you don't have to suffer any longer. Find out the solution to your common crutch problems here.

Classic Canes: Eco-Friendly Walking Sticks

Sustainability: the quality of causing little or no damage to the environment, and therefore being able to continue existing for a long time. We live in an age when everyone is becoming keenly aware of how crucial the well-being of our planet is for our own existence. To make sure you know exactly what you're getting when you choose one of our many Classic Canes products, we've decided to put together this short article that explains the measures Classic Canes take to keep their business as eco-friendly as possible.

Phoenix Walking Sticks

Here at, something we particularly enjoy is seeking out the very best brands and manufacturers of walking sticks, so that we can offer a selection of unsurpassed quality. One of our newest suppliers is the Phoenix Walking Stick Company, who produce handcrafted walking sticks in the heart of the Costwolds.

Classic Canes: The Walking Stick Specialists

Classic Canes is a family business, established in 1982 in Somerset, England, that shares your love and enthusiasm for high-quality walking sticks. They strongly believe that canes should be attractive as well as useful, and their wide range of over 700 traditional and contemporary walking sticks reflects their devotion to the craft. Read on to learn more about them.