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How Unique Is Your Walking Stick?

Did you know you don't need a bespoke walking stick for it to be unique? Many canes and walking sticks, such as those made from wood or aluminium sticks with attractive patterns, offer individual looks even when modelled on the design of another. 

A walking stick with a stylish pattern or an interesting wooden construction can provide a touch of fun or personality to your support, but there may be the concern that you'll end up with the same walking stick as a friend or relative. While this would be a complement to your style, it would also be understandable to feel a little uneasy; after all, nobody likes to turn up to a party wearing the same outfit as somebody else, and walking sticks and canes, as an emblem of your fashionable flare, can understandably be seen in the same way.

Thankfully, due to the way most walking sticks are manufactured, even those that are designed and produced in the same location, by the same pair of hands, can offer a unique style that will stand out from the others. To illustrate this, let's look at the Staghorn Handle Thumbstick.

As you can see, both of the images below show a thumbstick walking stick. At first glance though, it would seem hard to believe that they are designed and made in the same way, and provide the same level of support and stability.

Charles Buyers 44 Staghorn Handle Thumbstick
Staghorn Handle Thumbsticks 

However, both of these Staghorn Handle Thumbsticks are equally as trustworthy and as appealing, while still retaining their individuality. This is because the availability of hardwood for the shaft will vary in type throughout the year, meaning that, even if you did end up choosing to pair your outfit with the same thumbstick as your acquaintance, the odds of them being made from the same supply of wood is significantly reduced. The staghorns, which are shed naturally when they are ready to fall loose, will also be as varied and as unique as the deer to whom they belonged.

This is not just the case for staghorn thumbsticks, but also for thumbsticks in general, as you will be able to see below:

Classic Canes Junior Thumbstick Children's Walking Stick
Junior Thumbstick Children's Walking Sticks

Both of the sticks above are Junior Thumbstick Children's Walking Sticks. They both feature a wood grain pattern and a comfortable V-shaped thumb rest, but each one provides an attractive appearance that will differ from the rest.

This variation in visual beauty is not just common across thumbsticks, but also occurring with many wooden walking sticks and canes where the availability of hardwood will dictate the physical appearance of the stick. This also means that there may be a slight height discrepancy in each stick, due to the natural way the wood is grown before carving, though they will typically sit comfortably within the height approximation as provided on each individual product page.

It's not just wooden walking sticks that provide individuality for the user. Many aluminium walking sticks, whether height adjustable and folding or provided with fixed dimensions, boast colourful and striking patterns. These patterns are not only beautiful to look at, but they also add a touch of fun and offer an insight into the personality of the user.

The Ladies' Scorched Beech Derby Walking Cane provides an attractive scorched wood-grain pattern on the surface of the beech shaft and handle. Not only will this blend in well with virtually any outfit, but it also promises to offer that subtle touch of individuality with every stick.

Ladies' Scorched Beech Derby Walking Cane

Ladies' Scorched Beech Derby Walking Cane

Whether you're looking for a robust hardwood walking stick with a metal ferrule and comfortable grip, or you'd prefer a vibrant height-adjustable aluminium cane in your favourite colours, you can enjoy combined style and individuality, all without compromise to the level of support and stability provided.

Do you have a favourite style of cane or walking stick? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!