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Best Walking Sticks as a Gift for Her 2024

Whether the lady you have in mind loves collecting new and intriguing walking sticks, hiking in the English countryside with an attractive staff in her hand, or accessorising her outfits with a formal stick, a walking stick is always a great idea as an unexpected and memorable gift. If you've decided to surprise her with a unique and stylish walking stick this Christmas, all that's left to do is find the perfect one that will not only serve her as an accessory, but a useful support as well.

Our selection of some of the most popular, beautiful and functional walking sticks for women is here to help you make up your mind and find just the stick you've been looking for. So read on and discover the endless possibilities the world of ladies' walking sticks has to offer.

For the Lover of Art

Adjustable National Gallery Van Gogh Sunflowers Derby CaneNeedless to say, if the lady you have in mind is a Van Gogh fan, the National Gallery Van Gogh Sunflowers Derby Adjustable Walking Stick is going to impress her like nothing else. Not only pleasing to the eye, this is also one of the most functional, practical and comfortable walking sticks you can get if you're looking for an everyday walking stick that can serve as a support and an accessory at the same time.

  • Stylish stick for the lover of art
  • In different styles including  Nattier, Monet, Bosschaert and Stubbs
  • Functional, practical and comfortable for ease of use

Key Features: Sunflower print; Derby handle; adjustable height; ideal for casual everyday use

As a Fancy Accessory

Marbled Amethyst Derby Handle Moderne Walking CaneIs the walking stick you've been thinking of less of a support and more of a fancy accessory? The Marbled Amethyst Derby Handle Moderne Walking Cane is a gorgeous evening walking stick with an eye-catching handle. This stick is the perfect addition to any black tie event, giving you an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd.

  • Elegant and stylish acrylic painted walking stick
  • Looks great at any black tie event
  • A classy accessory for those fancy parties

Key Features: Polished marbled amethyst handle; beech wood shaft; sophisticated evening walking stick

Complement Her Timeless Black Look

Ladies' Black Derby Walking StickIf you like the idea of presenting her with an evening accessory, but would prefer to find one that is even more elegant and suitable for the most formal occasions, the Ladies' Black Derby Walking Stick is just what you need. Unlike the fancy walking stick mentioned above, this one in made entirely from hardwood and painted a glossy black. The only embellishment is a breathtaking nickel collar that gives the stick that final touch of glamorous appeal.

  • Designed using hardwood for durability that lasts long after purchase
  • Includes a stylish nickel collar that makes you look glamourous
  • An ideal option for formal occasions

Key Features: Timeless appearance; glamorous nickel collar; hardwood shaft and handle; ideal for all formal occasions

Natural Style for Country Walks

Chestnut Hiking Staff with English Rose

This Chestnut Hiking Staff with English Rose is a beautifully crafted wooden stick that is tall enough to be suitable as a rambling or as a proper hiking stick. What makes it uniquely charming is the engraved image of a rose, the symbol of England, on the upper part of its shaft. The stick can also easily be cut for a personalised fit, and is fitted with a very functional ferrule that can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.

  • Beautifully crafted wooden stick that is perfect for rambling
  • An English rose gives it a uniquely British charm
  • Can be cut for a customised fit

Key Features: 48" (122cm) tall; chestnut wood; charming carving; suitable for most terrains; ideal for rambling and hiking

Practical with a Personal Note

Height Adjustable Red Trekking PoleIf you want to show that you know all about her hobbies and interests, a proper trekking pole might be the best option to do so. The Height Adjustable Red Trekking Pole is everything a passionate hiker could ask for, and its attractive design makes it ideal for women who like to look good even when treading through mud. The pole features a ferrule fitted over a spike, making it ideal for use over rough terrain.

  • Lightweight aluminium trekking pole for use on the move
  • Perfect for use as a country walking stick
  • Ideal for any woman who enjoys spending time outdoors

Key Features: Adjustable height; multi-functional handle; combi ferrule; red shaft and black handle

Finding the ideal present for a woman is never an easy task, and though we realise our short list will most probably not solve your dilemma entirely, we certainly hope it can point you in the right direction. If you haven't found the stick you've been looking for on our list, we suggest you take a look at all the Ladies', Formal or even Country Walking Sticks.

What do you think of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!