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Best Shock-Absorbing Walking Sticks 2024

Most walking sticks are prone to causing shock, some of which is transferred to your body. As such, it's important to carefully choose a walking stick that will absorb shock before it has a chance to harm your joints. At, we've put together a list of our favourite shock-absorbing walking sticks so you're able to avoid the pain before it begins. Find out what we think are the best walking sticks for absorbing shock by reading our blog!

Flexyfoot Cork Derby Handle Black Folding Walking Stick

Flexyfoot Cork Derby Handle Black Folding Walking StickThe Flexyfoot Cork Derby Handle Black Folding Walking Stick has been designed for those who use a walking stick regularly and suffer from discomfort as a result. Fitted with the famous Flexyfoot ferrule as standard, the walking stick has a uniquely flexible design that absorbs shock while remaining in full contact with the ground so you remain as safe as possible. This is ideal for those who suffer from elbow and shoulder pain as a result of their walking aid.

If you don't need to use your walking stick all the time, this Flexyfoot Cork Derby Walking Stick is ideal for you as it can be folded into three sections and transported easily. The cane also has a stylish cork handle that makes your stick feel as robust as a hiking pole while offering you excellent comfort.

Key Features: Ferrule that absorbs shock, folds into three sections, stylish cork handle


Men's Shock-Absorber Orthopaedic Walking Cane

Men's Shock-Absorber Orthopaedic Walking CaneThe Men's Shock-Absorber Orthopaedic Walking Cane provides excellent support with a strikingly handsome design. Fitted with a shock-absorbing spring, the walking stick is ideal if you can't tolerate the pressure caused by your aid making contact with the ground as you walk. Its attractive ash wood handle and dark brown aluminium shaft are elegant, making the stick perfect for everyday use or even formal events.

Crafted with a Derby handle, the Orthopaedic Shock Absorbing Cane is smart, practical and versatile. This particular type of handle is as supportive as it is stylish, and can even be hooked over your arm or a table's edge when you require full use of your hands. Standing out from other orthopaedic canes, this is a great option for those who refuse to compromise.

Key Features: Handsome stick with a shock-absorbing spring, ash wood Derby handle

Ladies' Shock-Absorber Burgundy Orthopaedic Walking Cane

Ladies' Shock-Absorber Burgundy Orthopaedic Walking CaneIf you were feeling left out by the above cane because you're a woman, have no fear; the Ladies' Shock-Absorber Burgundy Orthopaedic Walking Cane is here! Like the men's shock-absorbing cane, this walking stick is stunning in style. This helps ensure you remain well dressed on all occasions you attend.

Designed with a burgundy handle that's made from wood, the stick provides a modern spin on the classic wooden handle. Its Derby style also allows it to be hooked over your arm or a table's edge when it isn't in use. The Burgundy Orthopaedic Walking Cane is highly unique as its shaft has been fitted with a shock-absorbing chrome spring. This is beneficial to your wrist and elbow joints as it limits the jarring shock absorbed by the stick as it makes contact with the ground.

Key Features: Stylish for all occasions, Derby handle, shock-absorbing chrome spring

Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole with Contoured Handle

Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole with Contoured HandleShock-absorbing properties aren't just integral when you're walking around in town; they're also important when you hike as you might be exposed to a variety of terrains that put pressure on your joints. The Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole with Contoured Handle is fitted with a shock absorbing insert, which absorbs some of the impact garnered when the pole strikes the ground.

As its title suggests, the hiking pole has also been crafted with a contoured handle. This ensures the stick is easy to grip while providing your palm and fingers with excellent comfort. Easy to grip, you don't have to worry about dropping the pole on your travels. The pole has been fitted with a wrist strap just in case to ensure you get the support you need as and when you need it.

Key Features: Fitted with a shock-absorbing insert, contoured handle is easy to grip

Do you have a favourite shock-absorbing cane or walking stick? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!