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How Tall Should Your Walking Stick Be?


Here at, a question we get a lot is "How Tall Should My Walking Stick Be?" With so many different sizes available, making sure you get the right size stick can seen impossible.

If you're concerned about which size is right for you or if you're looking to purchase a stick for someone else and aren't sure what size to get them, you're in the right place. Our step-by-step guide below takes the hassle out of stick shopping, ensuring sure you get the right stick for you or a loved one each and every time. 

See Our In-Depth Guide

Watch the video below for a detailed breakdown of how to measure for a walking stick, including some useful tips and FAQs:

How to Measure Yourself for a Walking Stick

If you're buying a stick for yourself, it's vital you take one quick and easy measurement before you make a purchase. It's nice and easy, and all you need is a tape measure.

Walking Stick measurement image

  • Step One: With shoes on, stand with your arms relaxed by your side. We recommend standing against a flat wall where possible.
  • Step Two: Using your tape measure, measure the distance from the bony part at the side of your wrist to the floor. See our diagram for clarification.

Expert Sizing Advice

  • Always measure yourself with shoes on
  • Stand against a flat wall where possible to make marking easy
  • If you slouch or are hunched, take the measurement in your natural standing position from where your hand naturally hangs

If You're In a Hurry...

The best way to get a great fit is by following our quick and easy sizing guide above and taking a quick and easy measurement. Whilst we strongly recommend this, if you haven't got time, take a look at the recommendations we've put together based on measurements we've taken in our office.

  • If you're between 150 - 160cm in height, you'll want a stick that is roughly between 29" and 31"
  • If you're between 160 - 170cm in height, you'll want a stick that is roughly between 32" and 34"
  • If you're between 170 - 180cm in height, you'll want a stick that is roughly between 35" and 38"
  • If you're between 180 - 190cm in height, you'll want a stick that is roughly between 39" and 40"
  • If you're between 190 - 200cm in height, you'll want a stick that is in excess of 41" in height

Why Aren't Recommendations Entirely Accurate?

Taking a measurement is by far the most accurate way of sizing yourself for a walking stick because everybody's arms are different lengths. You and your friend could be the exact same height with entirely different length arms.

This makes quickly measuring the distance between your hand and the floor vital when shopping for a walking stick.

What If I'm Buying for Someone Else?

Alternatively, you might be buying a stick for a friend or loved one without knowing which size they need. If this is the case, when you see them next, take a look at them stood next to a table or desk to roughly see where their wrist falls.

You can then measure the distance between this spot and the floor before purchasing your gift! If this isn't possible, we recommend using the rough height based brackets we've laid out above.

What If I'm Shopping for a Hiking Stick or Staff?

Shopping for a Hiking Stick, Staff or Stave is slightly different. This is because they're larger and you'll often be walking uphill and downhill when hiking, meaning the position of your hand in relation to your body will be slightly different.

Measuring Yourself for a Hiking Stick

Standing with your arms at your side, measure the distance from your elbow to the floor. Your ideal hiking staff should be around 6 - 8 inches (15 - 20cm) higher than your elbow. If you are walking on steep terrain, a longer stick is recommended, though the beauty of a staff is its ability to be gripped at any point, allowing you to change the functional length for any gradient.

Scorched Chestnut Walking Staff Sizing Guide

A great example of a simple yet effective hiking staff, the Scorched Chestnut Walking Staff is made from a solid piece of chestnut wood with a flame-scorched finish. The staff features an alpine ferrule which will provide a fantastic grip on nearly all types of outdoor terrain. It is approximately 137cm high.

Hiking Stick Sizing Tips

  • If you're unsure, hold a broom handle at a variety of different heights to see what feels comfortable
  • Regularly walking uphill terrain will require a slightly longer staff
  • Personal preference and comfort are key, however the measuring guide above is a great foundation

What Else Is Covered In This Guide?

Navigating Our Website

Now you know which stick or staff length is right for you, it's time to get shopping. If you're confused about how to take the next step, never fear.

Take a look below, where we break down how best to quickly access sticks that suit and fit you. 

Finding Sticks That Fit You

In each category on our website there is a section on the left hand side that allows you to filter products on the page. Please see the image below for more details. Refine Block

If you click the cross on the right-hand side of the "height" dropdown, you will open a menu that reveals all available heights. Simply tick the box of the height you are looking for and the category will filter itself to show you all the available and relevant sticks, as shown below. Refine Block with Height Open

You can even use our refine feature to look for specific stick styles within your specified height! 

Can Sticks Be Adjusted from the Stated Height?

We offer a wide selection of Height-Adjustable Walking Sticks that are perfect for people that are unsure about how long their walking stick needs to be. These sticks feature a mechanism that allows you to alter the height of your stick, making it a great option for those who are still unsure about which height is right for them.

For sticks that are not specified as adjustable, we recommend choosing a size that matches your measurement. With some wooden sticks, it is possible to cut down the stick if it is too long, but this is not a service we offer and any modifications are done at the owner's risk. 

Are Sticks Available in Other Heights?

Some sticks on our website allow you to specify the height you want to order. These sticks have a drop-down menu above the "add to basket" with the available lengths listed (see below for an example).

Product with drop-down menu for height

Unfortunately, for sticks without this sizing drop-down, it is not possible to change the height of the stick before placing your order. 

Does Height Matter When Buying a Crutch or Rollator?

For certain items, such as crutches, it can be difficult to tell whether the height refers to the height of the product altogether or the height of just the handle. To keep things as consistent as possible, we list the heights of the handles, meaning that you can use the information above when shopping for a crutch, rollator or walker.

Hopefully, this guide will have made it a lot clearer how to find your perfect height of stick and how to choose a stick of that height. If you still have any questions or concerns, or you have any tips on finding the right stick, please get in touch below or on Twitter.

John Brewin
04 May 2020  |  14:55

This has been my first adventure into the world of walking sticks and your site has been very informative. Still not precisely sure of measuring the length. Should I measure from the middle of the bump of my wristbone i.e the highest point, or measure from the lower position right at the end of the bone. I know it's only a smallish difference - maybe half an inch - but I want to do the best I can to get it right.
Kind regards John Brewin

15 June 2020  |  16:23

Hi John,

We're glad you've been enjoying the site!

While this difference would indeed be quite small, and either measurement would provide you with a comfortable stick height, we would recommend measuring from the bottom point of the bone.

The purpose of this measurement is to ensure that your stick's height measures up to where your palm would be when bent to hold the handle, so the bottom point of the bone would be fractionally more correct.

I hope this answers your question. Please contact us if there is anything else you'd like to know.

Kind regards,

Eugene at

Dorothy Haywood
17 January 2021  |  10:33

I'm happy with the stick but have a job to lock it on to the height I need..

Paul O'donnell
20 April 2021  |  17:47

My dad is 5 foot 7inches, i orderd a 34inch stick, will this suffice?

08 July 2021  |  16:46

Hi Paul,

Apologies for the late reply.

That seems a little bit on the short side, but it's difficult to give an exact sizing measurement based on the user's height alone. To get an exact measurement, you'll need to measure from the crease of your father's wrist to the floor.

Please let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

Kind regards,

Eugene at

James Gillin
09 October 2021  |  5:11

That is ok if you are looking for a "cane". But the best results for a walking stick is something that your entire weight with both hands can rely on. Measure with your hand on your chest, between your middle and ring finger to the ground. This is best for a "walking stick". You are less likely to depend on the stick and more likely to depend on you feet unless you need the stick. Then it will be there for support only, not dependence. People that use walking sticks rarely need the dependence of a cane. It is more for moral support in the event you need it rather false dependence.

Maureen Moore
26 January 2022  |  14:41

Hi. I'm 5ft tall and would like to buy a folding hiking stick. I'm a little puzzled by the sizes stated for the short grey folding trekking pole - Height: Adjustable from 98cm to 108cm (38.5" - 42.5") -and the advice above to measure as for a walking stick. This seems to suggest I would need to be over 6ft for this hiking stick. Obviously I'm reading something wrong. Please could you advise if this would be suitable for my height. Thank you.

Elaine Cartwright
19 March 2022  |  16:31

I need a walking stick I can lean on heavily. What do you suggest?

Elaine Cartwright
28 March 2022  |  18:03

I need a walking stick I can lead on heavily what do you suggest?

Ian Hemmens
31 August 2022  |  14:28

Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a hiking stick, and think I want the 54" chestnut stick with metal ferrule. It does not have a hand strap, and i would like a leather one that goes through the shaft, similar to the 48" ones you sell. Essentially, I'd like a 54" stick with leather thong if you have it, please? Many thanks

22 November 2022  |  18:33

The conversions from inches to cm in the table are all over the place. Some are ok but others are totally wrong. 1 inch = 2.54cm.