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Fulton Umbrellas: The Storm Test

The UK was recently hit by the worst storm in 30 years: Storm Eunice. With winds reaching 122mph in places, we thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to put our Fulton Umbrellas to the test!

Our intrepid (and unlucky) team here in south-west London were on hand to witness the devastating power of the cyclone and decided to check the claim that Fulton Umbrellas could withstand even the strongest gusts of wind. We set out with the Fulton Huntsman Umbrella into the belly of the beast to see whether we could avoid the dreaded umbrella inversion.

Who Are Fulton Umbrellas?

Fulton Umbrellas is a British success story; started in 1956 by Arnold Fulton, Fulton Umbrellas used superior design principles and manufacturing processes to create a high-quality range that's affordable for the masses. Today, Fulton Umbrellas are sold all over the world and have been used by such luminaries as the royal family – a testament to their quality and reliability.

Putting Fulton Umbrellas to the Test

As you can see from the video above, the Fulton Huntsman performed admirably when opened against the wind, especially compared to our control umbrella. The Huntsman did not go inside-out even when angled to catch more of the wind!

Our Verdict: Fulton Umbrellas Are Great Whatever the Weather

If you live in the UK, there's little chance that you'll not get your money's worth from any umbrella. Fulton Umbrellas, however, take this to the next level by providing you with precisely engineered, high-quality protection against rain at an affordable price with a style to suit everyone.

If you're interested in never suffering the pain of an inside-out umbrella again, why not check out the Fulton Huntsman or our full range of Stormproof Umbrellas?

Have you got an umbrella that's gotten you thick and thin? Why not let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter.