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Flexyfoot: The Solution to Common Crutch Problems

Crutches are a vital aid if you have impaired mobility, but they can often cause their own host of problems, including upper body discomfort and restricted movement. Thanks to an innovative brand known as Flexyfoot, you no longer have to grin and bear with these difficulties. This range features a flexible ferrule that absorbs impact shock to alleviate pain, and bends to maximise grip and stability.

A new standard in walking aid technology

Common Problems with Crutches

Most common crutches have rigid structures, which provide stability but also subject your body to impact shock each time you take a step. Due to their inflexible nature, they can also make walking on uneven terrains and going up and down stairs quite difficult, putting your health, comfort and safety at risk.

Flexyfoot: the Solution to All Your Crutch-Related Problems

Say goodbye to all these problems with Flexyfoot's fantastic range of revolutionary crutches! The product of extensive research and product testing, the ferrule of these crutches has flexible bellows, which both maximises grip and absorbs impact for unparalleled levels of comfort and safety.

Here's some benefits you can expect from Flexyfoot compared to standard crutches:

  • Flexible ferrule bends to maximise grip on all surfaces
  • Ferrule also absorbs shock to relieve pain on the upper body
  • Facilitates safer travel on stairs and uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for walking on wet or shiny surfaces
  • Straight or ergonomic handles promote good wrist posture
  • Open and closed cuff options offer differing amounts of hand freedom

If you're interested in trying a Flexyfoot crutch out, click the button to browse our full range!

Other Tips for Using Your Crutches

  1. Adjust your crutch's height correctly (crutch pads should be about 1.5 - 2" below armpits)
  2. Use your hands to bear weight rather than your armpits (i.e. don't lean on the crutch pads with your armpits)
  3. Wear flat shoes that support your feet well to reduce your risk of tripping
  4. Take small steps when walking on slippery surfaces
  5. Walk slowly when moving from one type of surface to another
  6. Avoid trip hazards like rugs, electrical cords, or loose mats
  7. Don't hold possessions while you're walking with your crutches
  8. Always use crutches in well-lit environments

Revolutionise Your Walking Aid

We hope with the help of Flexyfoot and a few of out tips, you'll be able to remedy some of the discomfort your walking aid may be causing you, and also travel with more freedom and confidence. If you'd like to take a look at the other brands available on our website, you can view our full range by clicking the button below:

If you want all the benefits of a Flexyfoot crutch but don't want to replace your own, you can simply purchase the Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Crutch Ferrule, which should be compatible with most standard crutches.

Are you considering using the Flexyfoot crutch? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter!