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Walking Stick Handle Guide

Monday, 8 November 2021  |  Admin

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a crutch handle and a Derby handle? Or a crook handle and a Fischer handle? With such a wide range of handles to choose from, it's easy to become confused about what's what. At, we've written a quick guide to help you distinguish between the main types.

Anatomic Handles

Adjustable Anatomical Black Aluminium Walking Stick

Otherwise known as an ergonomic handle, the anatomic handle has been designed to comfortably fit the palm of your hand. The stick is more moulded to your palm than other alternative types of handles, making it particularly useful for those who suffer from a hand condition like arthritis or rheumatism. This type of handle is suited to those who have smaller hands as it fits more snugly in your hands than other handles.

In order to provide you with a more personalised fit, the anatomic handle provides different sticks for the left and right hands. These can also be used together if necessary.

Crook Handles

Ash Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick

The crook handle is one of the oldest handle types. Crook handles are useful as their curved design allows you to hang your stick over your arm, a chair, or on the edge of a table. If you often find that you need to use your hands but trying to keep a grip on your stick while performing the activity causes it to come clattering down to the floor, the crook handle is definitely one for you!

Crutch Handles

Azure Crutch Handle Dress Cane

Not to be confused with crutches, crutch handles are fairly simple in design and provide you with good support. Crutch handles are a right-angled handle that is easily gripped in the palm. This type of handle supports your weight directly above the shaft of the stick, making it highly comfortable and stable.

Derby Handles

Afromosia Derby Handle Dress Walking Stick with Decorative Rose Collar

The Derby handle is a popular option for most as a result of its elegant shape and right-angled design. This is a highly supportive handle, particularly because of its curved design that prevents your hand from moving backwards or forwards on the stick. Like the crook handle, the curved style of the Derby handle also lends itself to being hooked over the arm or a table's edge. This, coupled with its beautiful style, makes it perfect if you frequently attend formal events and functions.

Fischer Handles

Left-Handed Soft-Touch Fischer Handle Dark Hardwood Orthopaedic Walking Cane

This is another orthopaedic handle that is fairly different from an anatomic handle. The Fischer handle can be used by those who suffer from hand conditions like arthritis or rheumatism. This type of handle spreads your weight across the palm of your hand to prevent shock from the ground targeting a particular area of your hand.

Like the anatomic handle, the Fischer handle comes in different models for the left or right hand for an improved fit. These are often bought together and used as a pair for improved support.

Petite Handles

Slilmline Extending Green Paisley Chelsea Cane

The petite handle is a variation of the Derby handle. As the name suggests, this handle is smaller in scale than the Derby handle. This makes it ideal for those with smaller hands, like women or the elderly. If you find that your hand aches after using the classic Derby handle or it often slips out of your grasp, the petite handle might be more suited to you.

Pistol Grip Handles

Blackthorn Wood Pistol Grip Cane

Shaped to resemble the form of a pistol butt, this type of off-set handle is both comfortable and stylish. The pistol grip handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can use it for long periods of time. The handle's beautiful style also makes it suited to formal gatherings.

Staff Handles

Ash Hiker Stick with Natural Bark

Staff handles are a simple, upright handle on a stick, though whether it can be called a handle should be contested! The staff handle is basically a stick that's taller than most so it can support you while you hike. The handle is usually fitted with a wrist strap to ensure you don't drop your stick on a hike and so that you get the support you need. These hiking sticks are usually made from wood, which blends perfectly with your surroundings.

Thumbstick Handles

Long Ash Thumbstick Hiking Stick

Thumbstick handles have a naturally-occurring V shape that can be used to rest your thumb while your fingers clasp the stick. This is particularly suited if you enjoy long hikes or walks as the stick helps maintain your balance.

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