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Brown Hare Hardwood Cane
Brown Hare Hardwood CaneBrown Hare Hardwood CaneBrown Hare Hardwood Cane
Brown Hare Hardwood CaneBrown Hare Hardwood CaneBrown Hare Hardwood Cane

Brown Hare Hardwood Cane

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Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

Brown Hare Hardwood Cane

While most novelty handles are rather eye-catching, not many manage to portray a truly realistic animal image. The beautifully crafted Brown Hare Hardwood Cane, ideal for collectors and suitable for use as an accessory on all formal occasions, features a detailed brown hare's head, mounted on a durable hardwood shaft.

Key Information

  • Height: 92cm (36")
  • Shaft Colour: Dark wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood grain
  • Shaft Material: Hardwood
  • Handle Style: Novelty - animal
  • Handle Material: Acetate
  • Handle Colour: Brown
  • Ferrule Style: Metal
  • Weight: 390g

Intriguing Brown Hare Handle

Most novelty handles include depictions of animals, birds or famous people, and this Novelty Hardwood Cane is no different. This classic walking stick features an intriguing hare's head in various shades of brown.

The handle is made from a tough acetate, allowing for a high degree of detail. The precisely shaped head is painted to a natural brown colour and fitted with a smart metal collar that perfectly completes the elegant look.

Brown Hare Handle

Durable Hardwood Shaft

The cleverly designed handle is mounted on a brown hardwood* shaft, fitted with a metal ferrule and a smart metal collar. Hardwoods are known to be tough and highly resilient, perfect for making reliable walking sticks.

Metal Collar and Ferrule

To complete the charming appearance of this novelty cane, the shaft is fitted with a smart metal collar and a metal ferrule. The smart collar perfectly matches the formal appearance of the cane, while the dark-coloured ferrule is incredibly discreet and practically unnoticeable on the dark brown shaft.

Black Rubber Ferrule

*The type of hardwood used depends on current availability of wood.

Please note that this cane is suitable for use as an accessory on formal occasions, but should not be used for everyday support.

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Delivery Information

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