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What Is the Best Wood for Walking Sticks?

There are many different things to consider when you're choosing your next wooden walking stick, namely the material that's been used to make it. At, we understand how difficult this decision can be. Read our latest blog to find out which kind of wood is the best for your next walking stick.

How Should I Choose My Wood?

Every type of wood is going to have its strengths and weaknesses, so it's nearly impossible to say one is the best, while another is the worst. Instead, you should look at each wood based on what you're looking to get out of it. Is durability your main concern? What about a striking grain, or weight in the hand? When it comes down to it, choosing the right wood can depend on any number of factors, so we'll demonstrate each type here, along with a few great examples.

Acacia Wood

One of the more exotic woods that our sticks are frequently made made from, acacia wood is both one of the most striking and durable. The wood originally derived from Australia, but has several variations across many parts of the world, and it favoured by woodworkers for durable, hard-wearing items.

Our range of Acacia Walking Sticks is constantly growing, and features some of our most popular offerings. Ranging from light yellow to a darker red depending on maturity, it's a great choice for a reliable, long-lasting stick.

Ash Wood

Although often overlooked as a result of the popularity of oak in Britain, ash wood is a beautiful material with an interesting grain. We have a wide range of Ash Walking Sticks available, including this Ash Derby Handle Wooden Walking Stick, featuring a light ash shaft that beautifully contrasts with its dark wooden handle. This grain of the elegant cane adds a little darkness to the light ash wood shaft:

Beech Wood

Beech is a beautiful wood for formal functions or events. At, we have a wide range of Beech Walking Sticks to choose from, so whether you're looking for a rustic cane or a novelty stick, we've got something for you in beech wood.

For example, this Spiral Knob Handle Twisted Beech Walking Stick pictured below is a sturdy walking stick that is delightfully dark for use in a range of settings and features a twisted spiral pattern on the shaft that sets it apart from other beech sticks. The knob handle of the walking stick is comfortable to use and visually pleasing, making it an excellent everyday walking stick and a versatile fashion accessory:

Blackthorn Wood

The strength of the wood makes them particularly useful for country or hiking sticks, which can be seen throughout our Blackthorn Walking Sticks category. An example of this is the stunning Blackthorn Thumbstick Hiking Stick, with a rich colour and natural appearance to ensure it isn't only practical, but beautiful as well:

Ebony Wood

Ebony is one of the most valuable woods in the world (the ebony tree is known as the "million dollar tree"), and it's not hard to see why. A beautiful dark colour combines with a remarkable strength, making Ebony Walking Sticks both elegant and reliable. Rare due to slow growth and high demand, an ebony walking stick will stay with you for years.

Buffalo Horn Derby Handle Ebony Cane

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Gents' Ebony Derby Walking Stick

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Ebony Derby Cane with Pewter Collar

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Hazel Wood

Possessing a unique sheen and grain pattern, hazel is a particularly attractive wood once polished, and makes an excellent canvas for a range of intricate patterns and carvings. Hazel is widespread across the Northern Hemisphere, and can be found in a series of large deciduous trees and shrubs. 

Our Hazel Walking Sticks range is mostly made up of robust hiking sticks, but with some effort the wood has also been made into some more refined walking sticks for use just about anywhere:

Maple Wood

Maple has long been a favourite in the manufacturing of furniture, as its strength resists wear and bending over time, while it's distinct tightly-packed grain pattern makes for an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. The wood stands up particularly well to processes like flame-scorching, providing a vast array of different outcomes from a single piece of wood.

Finding the right wood specimen for our Maple Walking Sticks can be difficult, but those that are made are some of the most-sough after sticks we offer.

Oak Wood

Oak is a popular hardwood that's known for its robustness and beauty. This traditional material is highly durable, which means that your stick will last a long time without becoming damaged. Some people even say that oak looks better with age!

We have a wide range of Oak Walking Sticks available, including this Holm Oak Derby Walking Cane with a rustic appeal that makes it perfect for everyday use in both town or country:

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Still Not Sure Which Wood to Settle On?

Then go for a stick that combines multiple stunning types of wood! The Exotic Ebony, Maple and Padouk Derby Handle Cane shown below might be your answer. Designed with a beech shaft and ebony, maple and padouk handle, this stylish stick is a must have. The stick has a black and red shaft, making it ideal for formal occasions like the races and gatherings:

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