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Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick

Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick

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Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick

If you require a walking stick and favour a more traditional appearance, then the Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick may be just the stick for you. It combines comfortable use with a stylish design to give you a practical and appealing mobility support.

The Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick has an average height of 36". Please note that this may vary slightly from stick to stick due to the materials available.

Key Information

  • Height: 36" (91cm)
  • Shaft Colour: Light Wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Shaft Material: Acacia
  • Handle Style: Crook
  • Handle Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Handle Material: Acacia
  • Ferrule Size: 19mm (3/4")
  • Ferrule Style: Rubber

Traditional Crook Handle

The crook handle, often referred to as a shepherd's crook, is one of the most traditional types of walking stick handles, still loved by many to this very day due to its practicality. Not only is it comfortable to hold onto while walking, but it can also be hooked over the arm should both hands be required. It can also be stored more easily as the crook can be balanced over a hook or a railing.

Hardwood Shaft

The acacia hardwood of the shaft creatures a sturdy walking stick that provides robust support. As it has been lacquered, it features a more protective finish that will help the cane last for even longer, ensuring you can receive reliable support as and when required.

Stylish Appearance

The wooden stick has a stylish lacquered finish with a natural wood grain design, which results in a stick that is both supportive and visually appealing. It is great for use both on a daily basis and for more formal occasions.

Ideal for Countryside Walks

If you do not require a mobility aid day to day, but you do appreciate a little extra support during a stroll through the countryside, then the Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick will be your perfect companion. Not only does it provide sturdy support, but the hardwood construction will blend in beautifully with the natural surroundings.

Rubber Ferrule

The Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick includes a rubber ferrule at the base of the walking stick. This helps to absorb some of the shock that occurs whenever the stick strikes against the ground, and it will also protect the stick from coming into direct contact with solid ground. The ferrule improves both comfort for the user and longevity of the stick.

Great as a Gift

If a loved one requires a mobility aid, then you may wish to gift them the Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Walking Stick as a birthday or Christmas gift, or simply as a way of saying thank you and showing that you care. You would not just be gifting them the mobility aid, but also giving them the gift of choice, as they will be able to mix and match between this Crook Handle Walking Stick and any others they have, ensuring they can have a stylish yet practical stick to match any outfit and for any occasion.

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Delivery Information

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