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Maple Tippling Walking Cane and Flask
 Maple Tippling Walking Cane and FlaskMaple Tippling Walking Cane and Flask 

Maple Tippling Walking Cane and Flask

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Maple Tippling Walking Cane and Flask

The Maple Tippling Walking Cane and Flask is the only accessory you need to any formal event. Pencil in that party invite, because this cane comes with a unique surprise: a glass flask that is revealed once the handle is unscrewed and which will be your conversation piece for the evening.

Key Specifications

The Maple Cane and Flask features a simple but sophisticated design that includes several features that make it the ideal accessory:

  • Height: 91cm (36")
  • Shaft Colour: Dark Wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Shaft Material: Maple Wood
  • Handle Style: Knob
  • Handle Material: Maple Wood
  • Handle Colour: Dark Wood
  • Ferrule Size: 22mm (7/8")
  • Ferrule Style: Metal
  • Flask Material: Glass
  • Collar: Brass

Why Choose the Maple Tippling Cane?

Ideal for evening and formal occasions, the Maple Tippling Walking Stick and Flask is sure to be the star of the show. The minimalistic yet elegant design provides the ultimate package for the user: comfortable and reliable support without the sacrifice of a fashionable cane. Please note that this walking stick is not designed for use as a medical aid or strong support.

What Are the Measurements of the Walking Stick and Flask?

An ideal aid for most adult users, the cane stands at 91cm (36") tall. The built-in glass flask is revealed upon unscrewing the handle.

When Can the Tippling Walking Stick Be Used?

Recommended for formal and evening use, the Maple Tippling Cane is designed to be used as a support accessory for the user at fashionable events rather than for medical use. We have a full range of orthopaedic canes.

What Material Is the Maple Tippling Walking Cane Made From?

The Tippling Walking Stick shaft and handle are made from luxurious maple wood to create a natural but sophisticated look for the user. Simple but classy, the cane is sure to never go out of fashion as the sturdy design ensures that extended use is guaranteed over the years.

What Advantages Come With a Knob Handle?

The Maple Cane's knob handle provides the user a wonderfully unique accessory to any formal outing. The shape of the handle allows the preservation of the maple wood used to form the stick and is a comfortable place for users to place their hand as it is designed with the shape of the palm in mind.

Please note this cane is designed for use as an accessory rather than for medical, everyday support.

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