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Horoscope Series: Walking Sticks for Leo

Leo covers everyone born between 23rd July - 23rd August, and is symbolised by Leo the Lion, slain by Hercules in Greek Mythology.

This sign has two lucky stones: Peridot and Ruby. To find out more about the significance of these stones, (and why, if you're a Leo, you should use these them to your advantage), skip to our Leo's Gems section. Alternatively, why not check out our selection of Ruby Walking Sticks to be the best Leo you can be?

We have a huge range of Leo gifts at
Keep reading to find the best gifts for Leo!

Gifts for Leo

Leos are great gift givers, since they love receiving gifts themselves. They also have sophisticated tastes, making them tough to buy for, however by the end of this blog we're sure you'll find the best leo gifts.

Whether you're shopping for Leo birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, Christmas or Mother's Day Leo gifts, we know you'll find something special with our inspired selection of walking sticks. 

Leo Personality

Leos are fiery leaders with a totally addictive personality. They're passionate people-people, with a lust for life and a fire in their bellies, making them fantastically fun to be around (even if they can be intense). Whether you're buying for yourself, a loved one, or a special Leo in your life, we have a design that's guaranteed to be a roaring success.

Check out our walking stick recommendations according to each Leo trait:

Fiery Passionistas 

Born under a fire sign, Leos are spicy, passionate people who feel things deeply. This is both a blessing and a curse: you always know where you stand with this Zodiac, as they're sure to let you know when you've crossed them. Mess with a Leo and you will get burned!

You'll never get roasted with the Red Flame Folding Cane. With its intelligent folding design and sleek flame pattern, this clever mobility aid will have you lighting up the dancefloor or just about anywhere you step foot.

Red Flame Folding Cane

Fulton Superslim 2 Lightweight Folding Umbrella (Hot Chillies)Not Quite Your Style? While not a walking stick, the Superslim 2 Hot Chillies Umbrella brings the heat to the wettest of days. Perfect for men and women, this design looks pretty fire, and stops rain getting jalapeno face!

Check out our Fun Umbrellas for even more unusual gifts for Leos. Alternatively, why not check out our selection of Cartoon Walking Sticks?

Check out the below options for even spicier suggestions:

Peridot and Ruby 

Those born under the Leo birthdates (23rd July - 23rd August) have two possible birthstones: Peridot and Ruby. Peridot cancels out the less favourable qualities of a Leo (think back to colour theory – green cancels out red), while Ruby enhances this sign's best features. 

Why not check out our wide range of Ruby Walking Sticks and Peridot-Green Mobility Aids?

Red and Green should always be seen – and now it can be! With the Red and White Flower Derby Walking Stick. This gorgeous design combines the best of both worlds for a pretty walking stick that's true to your spirit stones. Not only that - it doubles up as a super-seasonal mobility aid for Christmas, for a classic look no matter what season.

Easy Folding Adjustable Red and White Flower Derby Walking Stick

Adjustable Folding Elite Derby Handle Red Grapes Walking StickNot Quite Your Style? Check out the more classic looking Folding Handle Red Grapes Walking Stick. This traditional, demure style is the best way to provide stability and sophistication at any event.

For more options, check out our selection of Red Patterned Walking Sticks and Green Patterned Walking Sticks, as well as Ruby Walking Sticks.

We have a range of gifts for Leos at For designs as precious as gems, check out some alternative walking sticks below:


Leaders of the Pride

Leos are known for their dominance in life, whether that's at work, at home, and just about anywhere. They truly are the alphas of the world, commanding the room from the moment they step in it. If you're a Leo, you're probably incredibly charming (albeit a little intimidating). 

For creative gifts for Leos, why not check out our selection of Cat Pattern Walking Sticks?

Make an entrance as bold and brave as you are with the Silver-Plated Lion Cane. This gorgeous design oozes a Leonine vibe - from the dark hardwood shaft to the literal Lion-head handle. Perfect for showing off at any event, this mobility aid is sure to get your next party entrance off to a roaring start.

Silver-Plated Lion Cane

Adjustable Aluminium Derby Walking Stick with Safari DesignNot Quite Your Style? Go wild with the Adjustable Derby Safari Walking Stick. This a-paw-able design is perfect for a Leo in your life, or just about anyone who loves safaris. Featuring an array of animals, from tigers, zebras, elephants, and our beloved lions, this pattern is sure to impress any animal lover.

Find big cats a-paw-able? Check out our range of the wildest Animal Print Canes!

We have a variety of great gifts for Leos. Why not have a look at some alternative cane designs, down below, to get you feline fresh:



Unique (and a Little Attention Seeking)

Leos aren't like other signs, and boy, will they make that clear. Being natural-born leaders, this Zodiac is unique and fiercely determined to stand out from the crowd, making them one of the most exciting to be around. When it comes to Leo gifts, it's essential to find something as quirky and zany as they are.

We have a range of Novelty Walking Sticks for the perfect conversation piece.

For a mobility aid as unique as this sign, check out the Green Frog Cane. This froggin' awesome design is sure to get people jumping for joy, with its' hand painted detailing and traditional hardwood shaft. 

Hand Painted Green Frog Hardwood Cane

Blackthorn Irish ShillelaghNot Quite Your Style? For a more traditional stick that is designed to turn heads, try the Blackthorn Irish Shillelagh. Blackthorn wood is a rare material, making it beautifully distinct in style.

For more options, check out our selection of Cartoon Walking Sticks, suitable for unique gifts for Leos.

For more walking sticks to make you stand out from the crowd, check out some of our topsellers. We guarantee you'll find the perfect gift for Leos with the below recommendations:


Swanky Sophisticats

Leos' love of attention extends to their taste in fashion and style. Extremely sophisticated, this sign is always dressed to kill and is never seen looking anything less than purrfect. This is a sign that's all about excess, so when in doubt, splash the cash and you won't go wrong.

If you're looking for Leo gifts, see our range of Glamorous Walking Sticks.

For a cane as classy as you are, try the Evening Crook Cane with Swarovski Elements. This boujee take on a classic design combines the beauty of a shepherds crook with ultra-elegant Swarovski. Ideal for everyday use, this cane will have you looking your best just about anywhere – from home to the Hampton's!

Evening Crook Cane with Swarovski Elements

Snakewood Cane with Fritz Handle and Brass Collar

Not Quite Your Style? Check out the Snakewood Fritz Cane. This unique snakewood design walking stick offers a subtle touch of glamour with its classic Fritz handle and refined brass collar. For a design that will never go out of ssstyle, this is your best bet.

For more alternatives, browse our selection of Wooden Walking Sticks.

If you're looking for a gift for Leo, check out our other classy canes with the links below:



Warm and Kind

A Leo's fiery demeanour and passionate personality makes them brilliant friends and even better lovers. They're warm and fuzzy just like the big cat that resembles them, and they're fiercely protective of those they hold dearest.

For more cutesy cane options, check out our range of Heart Print Walking Sticks.

We adore the Pink Heart Print Derby Adjustable Walking Stick, with its feminine pink charm and amorous silver heart detailing. Ideal for using all year round (even more so on Valentine's day), this design is sure to make a Leo in your life stick around!

Heart Print Pink Derby Adjustable Walking Stick

Ziggy Heart Pattern Height-Adjustable Walking Stick with Derby Handle

Not Quite Your Style? For a walking stick that doesn't miss a beat, try the Ziggy Heart Pattern Adjustable Walking Stick. Coming in a more demure colour palette (but still equally loveable), this design offers an intelligent folding design that's super sm-heart!

Browse our selection of Pretty Walking Sticks for more romantic designs.

Whether you want a gift for Leo partner, or Valentine's gift for Leo, we have a load of walking sticks you're bound to fall in love with. Check them out below:


Leo Dates

Leo covers everyone born between 23rd July - 23rd August, and is symbolised by Leo the Lion, slain by Hercules in Greek Mythology.

Leo Gemstone

Those born under the Leo birthdates (23rd July - 23rd August) have two possible birthstones: Peridot and Ruby. Peridot cancels out the less favourable qualities of a Leo (think back to colour theory - green cancels out red), while Ruby enhances this sign's best features. 

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