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What Are Walking Sticks with Seats Called?

'What are walking sticks with seats called?' If this is a question floating around your mind, you've come to the right place. Our guide will introduce you five of the most popular types of walking sticks with seats that you can find on Walking sticks with incorporated seats help reinforce your balance and are especially useful when you need to take a break from walking. Whether you're waiting in line or exploring the outdoors, a walking stick with a seat can give your legs the rest they need.

See the graphics below for our different types of seat sticks!

Shooting Sticks Tripod Shooting Sticks Seat Stick Chairs Umbrella Icon Flipstick
Shooting Sticks Tripod Seat Sticks Seat Stick Chairs Seat Stick Umbrellas Flipstick Seat Sticks

What's Covered in This Guide?

Shooting Seat Sticks

Shooting sticks make the best companions during a hike or outdoor event, as they fold out to allow for a convenient short-term sitting on the spot whenever you may need them. Traditional British shooting sticks tend to feature a metal shaft that ends at the base and are equipped with a spiked ferrule that makes them ideal for outdoor excursions in the countryside.

Shooting Seat StickWhat Are the Main Features of a Shooting Seat Stick?

Include a high-quality padded leather seat for maximum durability
Can be easily folded out on the spot whenever you need to rest your legs
Can be found with a spiked or rubber ferrule for use on soft and hard grounds

Ideal For...

✔ Outdoor events including football matches and fireworks displays
Hunters and hikers in need of practical short-term sitting 

Not the Best For...

Use while running errands due to heavier frame
People searching for a portable foldable stick


Tripod Seat Sticks

Tripod seat sticks include a lightweight frame and a sturdy, comfortable self-standing seat that allows you to take regular breaks when running errands or waiting for the bus at your local stop. These types of sticks have been designed with three strong legs and rubber ferrules to provide users with increased stability on different surfaces, making them excellent companions for your regular city outings.

Tripod Seat StickWhat Are the Main Features of a Tripod Seat Stick?

Include a sturdy and comfortable fold-out seat suitable for frequent breaks
Integrate three legs that provide additional stability on multiple surfaces
Legs are fitted with non-slip rubber ferrules for firm walking support

Ideal For...

✔ Users with fatigue who need to take regular breaks whilst walking
People with instability issues who require a balancing walking stick 

Not the Best For...

 Use within the home as frame be too bulky to carry around
Use in countryside outings


Seat Stick Chairs

Seat stick chairs feature a simple fold-out design and a lightweight aluminium, four-legged frame that makes them perfect to take on camping trips or beach holidays. The incorporated seat on these walking sticks is great for long-term use as they are made of a soft canvas material that allows you to sink in and relax whenever and wherever.

Seat Stick ChairWhat Are the Main Features of a Seat Stick Chair?

Feature a canvas seat that can be easily folded out for maximum convenience
Include a lightweight and stable aluminium frame that can be easily transported
Four-legged design allows for the chair to remain stable on a variety of surfaces

Ideal For...

✔ Crowded events where seating may be limited
Taking on camping trips or to the beach 

Not the Best For...

 People in need of a super-stable walking stick
Use on rural terrains or on countryside outings


Seat Stick Umbrellas

As the name suggests, seat stick umbrellas are a great three-in-one item that can not only help improve your balance but also protect you against the rain and provide a handy seat whenever you need to stop and catch a breather. These types of walking sticks are great to take on long walks through the countryside, as you can easily sink the ferrule into the ground to take a rest, or unfold them whenever you see a rainstorm coming.

Seat Stick UmbrellaWhat Are the Main Features of a Seat Stick Umbrella?

Feature a robust steel frame to provide reliable support at all times
Include a leather seat perfect for quick breaks and short-term sitting
Can be found with a spiked or rubber ferrule for use on multiple terrains

Ideal For...

✔ Use on countryside walks during rainy days
Outdoor events during days when the weather is unstable 

Not the Best For...

 People in need of a super-stable walking stick
Users looking for a seat stick for long-term sitting



Flipsticks are among the most lightweight and comfortable types of seat sticks. A huge advantage of this type of walking stick is that it can be folded into several parts and reduced into a concise piece that you can store in small spaces when no longer in use. Whether you're at a crowded station ready to catch a train or find yourself enjoying some fresh air in your back garden, you can quickly unfold this walking stick and convert it into a seat there and then.

FlipstickWhat Are the Main Features of a Flipstick?

Feature a practical plastic seat that can be flipped and used instantly
✔ Can be folded up into a compact piece for easy storage and transportation
✔ Include a rubber ferrule for an improved grip on most surfaces

Ideal For...

✔ Use in long queues, public transport or any emergency situation
Use in outdoor events including firework displays and football matches

Not the Best For...

 Those in need of a stabilising walking stick
Use in rural terrains or on countryside outings


Seat sticks are an excellent multiuse tool that brings stability during your daily walks and provides a handy sitting area whenever your legs need a break. In this blog, we've introduced you to our five different styles of seat sticks that you can take on your long walks, vacations, or getaways for guaranteed rest wherever you go.

This guide included some of our most popular walking seat sticks, but if you're searching for something a little different, we encourage you to explore our extensive collection of Walking Seat Sticks, all available with free UK delivery on all orders over £40. Why not take a look for yourself, and decide which one that meets all of your needs?