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Walking Sticks for Men: All You Need to Know

Shopping for the perfect walking stick can get confusing. With so many designs out there, it can be hard to work out which sticks are made with men in mind. To make things easier, we've put this handy little guide together to showcase a few of our favourites based on their unique shape, style and design. 

If you know what you're looking for, jump right in by clicking one of the quick links below, or keep scrolling for some extra inspiration!

Best Wooden Walking Stick for Men

Winner: Gents' Acacia Classic Derby Walking Cane

Gents Acacia Wooden Walking StickThe best designs are traditional for a reason. Tried, trusted, loved and relied on for centuries, you can't go wrong with a premium quality Derby Handle Acacia Wood Gents Walking Stick. If you're a man who likes the classics, this curved derby handle and solid acacia shaft tick all the boxes for any occasion. 

What's So Special?

  • Curved derby handle is more suited to a larger, male hand
  • Solid acacia shaft provides support for larger frames
  • Refined style is great for the traditionalist
  • Rubber ferrule is stable on uneven terrain and surfaces

Editor's Verdict:

Carefully crafted with male users in mind, this stick features a derby handle with a gentle curve which accommodate larger hands. The durable acacia shaft provides a stable base for larger frames and the refined dark wood design makes this a great present for the traditionalist in your life.

Other Wooden Options...

Not sure about the stick above? Take a look at some alternatives below:

Best Walking Stick for Use With a Suit

Winner: Gents' Black Derby Walking Stick

Gents' Black Derby Walking StickNo two suits are the same. Thankfully, the Gents' Black Derby Walking Stick goes with them all. With a refined all-black style that's both muted and stylish, the Gents' Black Derby Stick is classy, elegant and sophisticated enough to fit almost any outfit in any environment.

What's So Special?

  • All-black design goes with almost every colour suit
  • Perfect for sophisticated occasions and day-to-day use
  • Sophisticated shine on the handle is classy
  • Handle accommodates larger hands perfectly

Editor's Verdict:

If you wear suits regularly, finding a stick that goes with an array of colours can be tricky. Thankfully, as black goes with almost everything, the Gents' Derby Stick is no different. This stick is sophisticated and refined enough for on-the-go use and for pulling out the wardrobe for a special occasion.

Other Suit Options...

If black doesn't work for you, or you're after something a bit more elegant, take a look at some of the alternative options below:

Best Glamorous Walking Stick for Men

Winner: Chrome-Plated Capstick Handle Formal Walking Cane

Chrome-Plated Capstick Handle Formal Walking Cane

Fashionable and elegant, there's no stick that screams refined glamour like the Chrome-Plated Capstick Handle Formal Walking Cane. When the dress code calls for a classic chic cane, there's no better option. This male-specific dress cane is the perfect accessory for any black-tie do, making it a must have for any male wardrobe.

What's So Special?

  • Black and silver go perfectly with any suit or elegant outfit
  • Ornate "cap stick" handle screams sophistication and glamour
  • Perfect for black tie events
  • Hardwood shaft makes this more than an ornate showpiece

Editor's Verdict:

You won't find any stick designed specifically for men that's as ornate as this anywhere else. Crafted with a cap stick handle that screams refined elegance, the Formal Cap Stick Walking Cane is as much a fully functional walking stick as it is a glamorous showpiece.

Other Glamorous Options...

If an ornate black and silver cap stick isn't quite what you're after, take a look at some alternative styles below:

Best Folding Walking Stick for Men

Winner: Folding Chrome Handle Walking Stick with Black Quilted Wallet

Adjustable Folding Chrome Crutch Handle Walking Stick with Black Quilted Wallet

If the sleek and stylish chrome derby handle wasn't enough, the Folding Chrome Handle Walking Stick comes complete with a quilted carry bag that puts it head and shoulders above other folding sticks. The timeless chrome on the stylish derby handle and the glossy finish on the shaft make this stick a brilliant accessory for a day out at the races.

What's So Special?

  • Sophisticated chrome derby handle is stylish and refined
  • Goes perfectly with any suit or jacket outfit
  • Bulky ferrule is built to take and stabilise larger frames
  • Supplied with a stylish quilted matte carry bag

Editors Verdict:

Carrying your folding walking stick on your person has never been easier. The chrome handle on this stick screams that subtle brand of refined sophistication that's sure to catch eyes wherever you go. Oh, and you get a lovely little quilted carry bag with it too.

Other Folding Options...

If the stick above just doesn't cut it, take a look at the sticks below for some more male folding stick inspiration:

Best Walking Stick for Big Men

Winner: Goliath Extra Large Derby Cane

Goliath Extra Large Derby CaneIf you're a bigger bloke and you're concerned about your weight or height having an impact on the stability of your stick, you're in the right place. The Goliath Extra Large Derby Cane is specially designed and manufactured for larger men looking for an extra level of support from their walking stick. With an extended height of 113cm (44.5"), this is the perfect option for larger men.

What's So Special?

  • All the functionality and style of a traditional derby handle stick
  • Purpose built for heavier and taller men
  • Bigger than standard derby handle accommodates big hands
  • Larger 113cm (44.5") shaft for taller men

Editors Verdict:

Whether it's your height or weight that has you shopping for something more stable, look no further. Without sacrificing an ounce of style or functionality, the Goliath Walking Stick is perfect for the style-conscious larger man.

Other Bigger Men Options...

Picking a stick shouldn't just be about stability and security. Take a look at some other styles for larger men below:

Best Umbrella for Men

Winner: Black Gents' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

Black Gents' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

In the UK, an umbrella is a must have for the majority of the year. Whether you're keeping it in the boot or using it on the way to work, the Black Gents' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle guards against the most torrential rain. The use of a bamboo handle sets this stylish piece apart from the crowd.

What's So Special?

  • Bamboo handle is a stylish rarity on an umbrella
  • 41" canopy is large enough to shield more than one person at a time
  • Premium quality is built to last a lifetime
  • Fully functional design looks just as good as an autumn/winter fashion accessory

Editor's Verdict:

We know that deep down, most men care about what they're wearing. The Black Gents' Canopy Umbrella features an ultra-wide canopy and a stylish bamboo handle that makes it our number one choice for functionality and style alike.

Other Umbrella for Men...

We've got plenty more umbrella's that are designed for men. Take a look, below:

Best Seat Stick for Men

Winner: Tan Leather Adjustable Shooting Stick Seat

Tan Leather Adjustable Shooting Stick Seat

The Tan Leather Adjustable Shooting Stick Seat is perfect for a day out at the races or for multifunctional use as a stick and seat on those leisurely family strolls. The leather design on the seat is as timeless and stylish as it is comfortable to sit on.

What's So Special?

  • Perfect for accommodating larger male frames
  • Doubles as a stable stick and a seat
  • Brown tan leather material is a timeless design
  • Goes great with any autumn jacket or summer shirt

Editor's Verdict:

If you're a little unsteady on your feet and find yourself stopping for a break on long walks, the Tan Leather Shooting Stick is the number one must have wardrobe accessory for you. Doubling as a seat and stick, it looks sophisticated and stylish and goes great with any sort of shirt or jacket.

Other Seat Stick Options...

We've got plenty of other shooting and seat sticks that are tried, tested and loved by men. Take a look, below:

Best Hiking Sticks and Staffs for Men

Winner: Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking Stick

Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking Stick

Whether you're a long distance rambler or you're finding those Sunday strolls with the family are getting a little bit harder, a hiking stick or staff can help make things a little easier. The refined and rustic design of the Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking Stick make it one of the best choices for the amateur and enthusiast alike. 

What's So Special?

  • Rough and rugged texture bring out the unique texture of the shaft
  • Perfect for fans of a more refined, stripped back look
  • Helps take the weight off your knees and back when hiking
  • Thick shaft wood is excellent for larger men

Editor's Verdict:

The Knob Handle Hiking Staff has a rough and ready look to it. Perfect for long walks and hikes, the refined texture of the wood is designed to take a beating, making this our number one recommendation for the male hiking enthusiast in your life.

Other Hiking Options...

A hiking pole can make the world of difference when you're out on a stroll with family. If you're looking for more inspiration, take a look below:

Best Novelty Walking Sticks for Men

Winner: Black Greyhound Handle Crook Walking Stick

Black Greyhound Handle Crook Walking Stick

With an intricately shaped and moulded greyhound handle, the Black Greyhound Handle Crook Walking Stick makes a perfect centrepiece for any stick lovers collection. It has a 92cm hardwood shaft that effortless supports larger frames and the dark brown colouration compliments all manner of outfits, from jackets to jeans, rain or shine.

What's So Special?

  • A great gift for the dog loving man in your life
  • Ornate handle resembles the shape and facial features of a greyhound
  • Dark wood colouration effortlessly compliments any suit or jacket
  • Perfect as part of a stick lovers collection

Editor's Verdict:

This unique novelty handle cane will take centre stage in any dog and stick lovers collection. Perfect as a father's day gift, the novelty handle is 100% functional as a support stick for practical day-to-day use.

Other Novelty Stick Options...

Novelty handle sticks are the staple of any stick lovers collection. Take a look at some of our favourites, below:

The Final Word

We've got an array of walking sticks and canes that cater specifically for men. If you haven't found what you're after here, click one of the links below for even more inspiration!

If you've got something to add, you can drop us a message in the comments section below. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via Twitter or Facebook!