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Perfect Your Nativity Play Costume with a Shepherd's Crook

Whether you're putting up a nativity play in your school or local church, you know very well that no costume is complete without a genuine shepherd's crook. If you've spent hours perfecting your character's look, a natural shepherd's crook will add that final touch to make you look as authentic as possible. This short article is here to help you save some time and money searching for just the right country stick to perfect your nativity play costume.

Why Use a Real Shepherd's Crook?

Why should your nativity play include a genuine wooden country crook? Well, with a real shepherd's crook, you can ensure:

  • High quality cruck is resilient and durable
  • Play the part more effectively
  • Last year after year, serving generations for years to come
  • Adds authenticity to your Nativity play

Find Your Perfect Nativity Shepherd's Crook

This guide explores a small part of the range of Shepherd's Crooks available here at Below you'll find:

  • Our Top Shepherd's Crooks:
    • Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crook
    • Ash Shepherd's Crook
    • Chestnut Scorched Shepherd's Crook with Double Spiral
  • Our Top Shepherd's Crook Deals:
    • Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crooks (Pack of 3)
    • Chestnut Bark Long Shepherd's Crooks (Pack of 3)
    • Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Sticks (Pack of 3)

Our Top Shepherd's Crooks


Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crook

Chestnut Long Shepherd's CrookThe Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crook is perfect for use in a nativity play, with the authentic chestnut wood making anyone look the part on stage. Featuring a wooden handle that can be adjusted to suit all needs, this stick is a highly popular crook among farmers and non-formers alike.

Key Features: Traditional shepherd's crook makes you look the part; designed using high quality chestnut; popular among hikers.

Chestnut Bark Long Shepherd's Crook

Chestnut Bark Long Shepherd's CrookThe Chestnut Bark Long Shepherd's Crook is a traditional shepherding stick that is as authentic as it is strong, allowing you to look the part during a nativity play. Suitable for trimming down, this crook is suitable for users of all ages. The crook is designed using chestnut bark, ensuring that it will last for year after year.

Key Features: Designed using high quality chestnut bark; can be trimmed down to suit most users; traditionally used by sheepherders. 

Chestnut Scorched Shepherd's Crook with Double Spiral

Chestnut Scorched Shepherd's Crook with Double SpiralOur last stick is the Chestnut Scorched Shepherd's Crook with Double Spiral, a comfortable stick that is striking in its appearance. Designed using chestnut wood, this crook includes a metal ferrule that can make sure you are steady on stage. Ideal for performing in a nativity this winter.

Key Features: Feature an aesthetic double spiral; designed using high quality chestnut; can be trimmed to suit most users.

The Shepherd's Crook Bundle

Alternatively, if you want more diversity on stage, this charming bundle of three very distinct shepherd's crooks might be more to your liking. The crooks included at a discounted price are:

Our Top Money-Saving Shepherd's Crook Deals

Here at we stock a broad range of Shepherd's Crooks that are popular throughout the year. To meet your demands, however, we've put together three money-saving deals that allow you to buy shepherd's crooks in packs of three.

Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crooks (Pack of 3)

If you're looking for a simple and cost-effective country stick, with no extra bells and whistles, the Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crook is just what you need.

Chestnut Bark Long Shepherd's Crooks (Pack of 3)

A bit more textured than the crook mentioned above, the Chestnut Bark Long Shepherd's Crook is crafted from smartly finished chestnut wood, with the bark left on and stained dark brown.

Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Sticks (Pack of 3)

The Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Stick is lighter and shorter than most country crooks, measuring only 92cm (36"), which makes it perfect for children under 140cm (4' 7").

Full Range of Shepherd's Crooks

If none of these sticks is exactly what you've had in mind for your nativity play, make sure to explore our full range of Shepherd's Crooks. All of our sticks are sold individually, which means you can mix and match different styles, providing each character with a slightly individualised shepherd's crook.

Are you taking part in a nativity play this Christmas? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!