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Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Sticks (Pack of 3)

Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Sticks (Pack of 3)

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Crook Chestnut Children's Walking StickCrook Chestnut Children's Walking Stick
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Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Sticks (Pack of 3)

While traditionally used to catch hens by the neck, the slightly smaller and lighter shepherd's crook is now more often used as an everyday walking stick for children. Moreover, the practical country crook is also extremely sought-after as a prop in nativity plays in schools across the country. This money saving bundle of Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Sticks (Pack of 3) is perfect for when you need to buy shepherd's crooks in bulk.

Key Information

  • Height: 92cm (36")
  • Shaft Colour: Dark wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood grain
  • Shaft Material: Chestnut wood
  • Handle Style: Crook
  • Handle Pattern: Wood grain
  • Handle Material: Chestnut wood
  • Handle Colour: Dark wood
  • Ferrule Style: Metal
  • Weight: 150g

What's Included in This Package?

This money-saving deal includes multiple Children's Crook-Handle Walking Sticks that are perfect for shepherd's costumes in nativity plays. For those who only need one children's shepherd's crook, the Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Stick is also sold individually. Specifically, this money-saving pack includes:

Walking Stick for Children

It's important that walking sticks are slightly taller than ordinary canes, so at 92cm (36") this Chestnut Crook is perfect for little hikers. This size is perfect for children under 140cm, and the shaft can easily be cut even shorter to fit your child's height.

As children tend to grow up even faster than you expected, it's good to find a hiking stick that isn't only functional, but affordable as well. This means your child will always have a stick of just the right height.

The Hen Crook

Traditionally used by farmers' wives to catch hens by the neck, nowadays hen crooks are used as everyday walking sticks for children, as they are slightly shorter and much lighter than ordinary crook canes. They are often used as crooks for the shepherds in nativity plays as well.

Chestnut Wood

Chestnut wood is known for its strength and durability, making it the ideal material for walking sticks. This Kids' Walking Stick is made from peeled chestnut wood that has been steamed and bent into the attractive crook shape.

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