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Ferrule Sizing Guide

You can measure your ferrule from the diameter of your walking stick. So a walking stick of 19mm will require a ferule of 19mm diameter. This corresponds to the appropriate ferrule size. 

Ferrule Size Conversions

Milimeters (mm) Inches
10mm 0.39"
12mm 0.47"
12.7mm 0.5"
13mm 0.51"
15mm 0.59"
16mm 0.62"
17mm 0.66"
17.5mm 0.68"
18mm 0.7"
18.5mm 0.72"
19mm 0.74"
19.5mm 0.76"
20mm 0.78"
20.5mm 0.8"
21mm 0.82"
21.5mm 0.84"
22mm 0.86"
22.5mm 0.88"
23mm 0.9"
23.5mm 0.92"
24mm 0.94"
25mm 0.98"
26mm 1"

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For more information on finding the right ferrule size for your walking stick please see our blog on how to measure your walking stick for a ferrule