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Best Shepherd's Crook Walking Sticks

Although shepherd's crook walking sticks are traditionally known as a farmer's best tool to gather their flock, they make for excellent hiking companions that turn long walks through rough or bumpy terrain into a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

In this blog, we would like to introduce you to our handy guide on the Best Shepherd's Crook Walking Sticks aimed at helping you choose the best walking stick based on your particular wants and needs. Whether you like the look of a hazel wood shepherd's crook walking stick or prefer the feel of a metal one, we've got a wide variety of options for you to consider before making your purchase.

What's Covered in This Guide?

Best Chestnut Wood Shepherd's Crook

Our Winner: Chestnut Long Shepherd's Crook

Chestnut Long Shepherd's CrookWhy We Love It...

Made from a robust and durable coppiced chestnut wood material
Features a highly practical classic shepherd's crooked handle
Wooden shaft can be easily cut to ensure a perfect height for most users

Ideal For...

Countryside walks due to long, sturdy frame and metal ferrule
Picking brambles due to extended design and practical crooked handle
Safely securing a sheep's neck during herding due to the wide 6.9cm crook

Good to Know...

Has a total height of 137cm (54")
Can be used by both right and left-handed individuals

Editor's Verdict: If you wish to find a traditional shepherd's crook walking stick, the Chestnut Wood Shepherd's Crook is the perfect match you're looking for. This walking stick features a smooth coppiced chestnut material that makes the cane a delight to hold during long walks or hikes through the countryside. The extended design of this shepherd's crook can not only benefit farmers and sheep herders, but it can also come in handy for bramble pickers, as you can easily reach and hook the plant using the crook and pull it closer to you without getting cuts or lacerations in the process.

Customer's Verdict: "This crook is ideal for helping me climb or descend steeper slopes when out walking the dogs. I'm 6'2 and the length of the crook is perfect for leaning on for a rest to ease aches and pains of arthritis in both knees and back. I'm very pleased with my purchase." Stephen ★★★★★

Best Hazel Wood Shepherd's Crook

Our Winner: Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick

Ram's Horn Crook Walking StickWhy We Love It...

Includes a hazel coppice shaft for a unique style and texture
Features a highly-polished, easy-to-grip, naturally crooked Swaledale ram's horn
Extra-tall design allows users to keep a comfortable post during long hikes

Ideal For...

Safely gripping countryside terrains including muddy conditions
Crossing terrains where stinging nettles and brambles can be found
Users of varying heights as the cane can be adjusted to one's personal needs

Good to Know...

Has an approximate height of 132cm-137cm  (52"-54")
Weighs 530 grams

Editor's Verdict: For a unique and stylish option, the Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick will surely stand out against your average shepherd's crook walking stick. Featuring an intricate design, this walking cane is made from hazel wood which is highly esteemed for its peculiar colouring and texture, and it also includes a naturally crooked ram's horn as the handle, allowing for an easy and comfortable grip no matter where you're hiking. This shepherd's crook walking stick is suitable for users of all heights, as, despite its extra-tall design, it can be cut down to match your individual preferences.

Customer's Verdict: "Beautiful quality ram's horn stick" Roger ★★★★★

Best Beech Wood Shepherd's Crook

Our Winner: White Shepherd's Crook Collector's Walking Stick

White Shepherd's Crook Collector's Walking StickWhy We Love It...

Made from turned beech wood renowned for its hardness and wear-resistance
Features a stunning white crook head moulded from resin for a classy option
Includes a brass collar to complete the elegant and unique design

Ideal F or...

Users looking for a unique and stylish shepherd's crook walking stick
Hooking over the arm or balancing on a table edge to prevent it from dropping
People looking for an accessory to complement an outfit on special occasions

Good to Know...

Has a total height of 91cm (36")
Weighs 440g

Editor's Verdict: Featuring a stunning turned beech wood shaft and an easy-to-grip white crook head moulded from resin, the White Shepherd's Crook Collector's Walking Stick is ideal for those who are after an elegant and uniquely designed shepherd's crook to take to special events or costume parties. The crooked design of this walking stick makes it a comfortable option to carry, as it can easily be hooked over the arm or to the edge of a table to prevent it from falling on the ground. Besides its main utilities, this walking stick also makes for a beautiful collector's piece and can give a rustic touch to your home. 

Best Metal Shepherd's Crook

Our Winner: Aluminium Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4'6")

Aluminium Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4'6")Why We Love It...

Features an aluminium construction for a modern variation on this kind of cane
Smooth, curve-shaped handle allows for a comfortable grip during long walks
Includes a rubber ferrule to ensure steadiness while walking on most grounds

Ideal For...

People who prefer the look and feel of a metal shepherd's crook 
Those in need of a walking aid with a reliable frame and gripping rubber ferrule
Farmers in need of a long-lasting shepherd's crook for use to gather their stock

Good to Know...

Has a total height of 137cm (4'6") 
Ferrule measures 19mm (3/4")

Editor's Verdict: Some people may not like the look of a wooden stick and are much more keen on a metal one. If you're on the hunt for a metal shepherd's crook, you've landed in the right place. Our Aluminium Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4'6") is ideal for users who would like the benefits of a crook handle but in a modern variation of the traditional wooden shepherd's crook. Besides its stylish design, this walking stick also includes practical features such as a rubber ferrule that ensures steadiness while walking on most surfaces. 

Best Long Shepherd's Crook

Our Winner: Chestnut Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (5')

Chestnut Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (5')Why We Love It...

Constructed from firm and durable chestnut material
Features a long 5' (152cm) design to accommodate taller users
Includes a metal ferrule that helps to protect the stick and increase its longevity

Ideal For...

Users of greater heights looking for a tall shepherd's crook
Individuals looking for a shepherd's crook that doubles up as a walking aid
Farmers in need of a shepherd's crook that will help them when gathering stock

Good to Know...

 Weighs 550 grams
Ferrule measures 16mm (5/8")

Editor's Verdict: Taller users may come across the worry of not finding a shepherd's crook that will suit their height and allow them to walk comfortably on rough terrains, with the Chestnut Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (5') that should no longer be a problem. This walking stick features a total height of 152cm to ensure that taller users get the support they need during their countryside hikes. This shepherd's crook also includes a crook handle with a smooth curved shape that allows users to get a comfortable grip for extended periods of time.

Customer's Verdict: "Very large, just what I wanted, provides me with stability over wooded ground. I also have the option to hook it around trees should I get stuck in boggy ground. Also, I like being able to rest stood up with my hands on top of the crook and my chin on my hands." Neil ★★★★★

Best Children's Shepherd's Crook

Our Winner: Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Stick

Crook Chestnut Children's Walking StickWhy We Love It...

Made from strong peeled chestnut wood for an attractive and reliable support
Features a height of 36" (92cm), ideal for children under the height of 140cm
Includes a robust metal ferrule that protects the stick from potential damage

Ideal For...

Little hikers looking for a shepherd's crook to match their parents
Use on countryside terrains including muddy and bumpy grounds
Users looking for a good value shepherd's crook for their kids

Good to Know...

Weighs 150 grams
Has an opening diameter of  5.5cm

Editor's Verdict: If you've got a little hiker at home, you should consider purchasing the Crook Chestnut Children's Walking Stick. This type of stick was traditionally used by farmers' wives to catch hens by the neck, but they also make a great gift for young explorers who love countryside getaways with family. The stick features a shorter height of 92cm (36") and can be cut to fit your child's ideal height. It is made from robust chestnut wood and includes a sturdy metal ferrule that protects the stick against damage for an extra-durable option.

Customer's Verdict: "Thrilled with this stick for a grandchild who goes walking with parents and family. I thought it would be a nice quirky gift. Well made and very tactile, speedy delivery." Gillian ★★★★★


Make the Most Out of Every Hike with Your Perfect Shepherd's Crook

Taking a shepherd's crook to your next hike can help you maintain a good pace and spread the load of your weight more evenly across the whole of your body to relieve stress off your joints. This type of walking stick can also help protect your knees from the impact of walking, especially whenever going down a hill, and it can help you maintain a good balance to prevent a potential fall or accident.

This guide has introduced you to some of our best shepherd's crooks, but if you're searching for something a little different, we encourage you to have a browse through our Shepherd's Crooks till you come across your ideal product.