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Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick

Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick

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Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick

Have you ever wished for a highly functional hiking stick that would also serve as an interesting conversation point? The beautifully made Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick features a natural Swaledale ram's horn handle, made into the shape of a traditional shepherd's crook, as originally used by shepherds to catch members of their flock by hooking them around the neck.

Key Information

  • Height: Approximately 132cm - 137cm (52" - 54")
  • Shaft Colour: Dark wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood grain
  • Shaft Material: Hazel wood
  • Handle Style: Crook
  • Handle Material: Antler
  • Handle Colour: Ivory
  • Ferrule Style: Metal
  • Weight: 530g

Extra-Tall Design

While any walking stick can be used to provide some extra support during your hike, proper hiking sticks need to be slightly taller than ordinary canes so that your back remains straight and your arms at a 90° angle at all times. This Ram's Horn Shepherd's Crook is 132cm tall, which should suit most hikers, but can also be cut to match your individual preferences.

Ram's Horn Crook Handle

The gleaming handle is hand-made from a highly polished, naturally crooked, Swaledale ram's horn. The easy-to-grip, natural crook handle is not only exceptionally comfortable to hold, but a great conversation starter as well.

Hazel Wood Shaft

As hazel coppice is becoming more and more popular, the resulting timber is being used in a variety of ways. Hazel wood is highly esteemed for its unusual colouring and texture, making it ideal for producing uniquely stylish walking sticks.

Ideal for the Countryside

In the British countryside, a rustic walking stick is an indispensable accessory, carried by people of all ages. With its naturally crooked handle and a horn ferrule that provides a safe grip when you are making your way through mud, stinging nettles and brambles, the Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick is your perfect country walking stick.

Please note that the precise height of this walking stick depends on the curve of the horn. The approximate height is 132cm - 137cm (52" - 54"), but it may differ in some cases.

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