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Best Blackthorn Walking Sticks 2024


Providing you with a stick that is both stylish and distinct, our range of Blackthorn Walking Sticks includes a number of high-quality canes. Whether you are hiking across the Great British Landscape or simply looking to add a touch of class to your everyday walking aid, we have a stick for everyone!

Here at, we've asked our product experts for their recommendations of the Best Blackthorn Sticks 2024, helping you to choose the perfect accompaniment for your needs.

What Areas Are Covered in this Guide?

Best Blackthorn Hiking Stick

Our Winner: Blackthorn Thumbstick Hiking Stick

Blackthorn Thumbstick Hiking Stick

  • Made from durable and reliable blackthorn wood
  • Comes with a naturally shaped thumbstick handle
  • Fitted with a combi ferrule, suitable for diverse hiking terrain
  • Naturally grown, so no two sticks are alike
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Editor's Verdict: Perfect for giving your walks an epic feel, the Blackthorn Thumbstick Hiking Stick allows you to keep your balance on uneven terrain, swat away brambles, and provide support when going up- and downhill. The unique look of the Thumbstick Hiking Stick makes it a sure talking point and bound to attract some envious glances.

Best Everyday Blackthorn Stick

Our Winner: Blackthorn Coppice Knobstick Country Walking Stick

Blackthorn Coppice Knobstick Country Walking Stick

Blackthorn Coppice Knobstick Country Walking Stick

  • Crafted from blackthorn bark with its rustic appearance
  • Ideal for long walks in the countryside
  • Comfortable handle and metal ferrule
  • Standard height of 92cm (36")
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Editor's Verdict: While many of our blackthorn sticks are of the longer kind, the Coppice Knobstick Walking Stick is more of an everyday support than a hiking stick. Imbuing your daily life with a touch of countryside class, the Blackthorn Knobstick is ideal for walks in the park, popping to the shops and anything else you might get up to.

Best Blackthorn Stick for Ladies

Our Winner: Ladies' Blackthorn Derby Walking Stick

Ladies' Blackthorn Derby Walking Stick

  • Ideal for both everyday use and formal occasions
  • Shaft made from characterful blackthorn wood
  • Fitted with a smart brass collar and rubber ferrule
  • Derby handle made from maple wood
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Editor's Verdict: A lot of wooden walking sticks can be too thick or heavy for comfortable use by some women; the Ladies Blackthorn Derby Stick is the perfect solution to this problem. This stick is lighter and has an elegant look that better complements a range of different outfits and styles.

Best Rustic Blackthorn Stick

Antler Thumbstick Handle Blackthorn Walking Stick

Antler Thumbstick Handle Blackthorn Walking Stick

  • Featuring an antler handle mounted on a blackthorn shaft
  • Unusual and unique appearance of the V-shaped handle
  • Fitted with a metal ferrule, ideal for hiking and country walks
  • Great as a birthday or Christmas present for your loved ones
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Editor's Verdict: The ideal gift for any nature lover, the Antler Thumbstick Blackthorn Stick combines the unique style of blackthorn wood with a real antler thumbstick handle. This long hiking stick is ideal for trekking over sweeping vistas and wilderness.

Best Decorative Blackthorn Stick

Our Winner: Blackthorn Irish Shillelagh

Traditional Blackthorn Irish Shillelagh

  • Traditional Irish fighting stick made using blackthorn wood
  • A must-have collector's item for ornamental decoration
  • Crafted using premium blackthorn bark and wood
  • Comes with a bespoke leather wrist strap
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Editor's Verdict: Bringing a touch of the emerald isle to your living room, the Blackthorn Shillelagh is a great conversation starter and ornamental stick. Based on the traditional Irish fighting stick, this decorative item looks great above a mantlepiece and allows you to get in touch with your Irish roots.

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Due to the exclusive nature of blackthorn wood, we usually only have a limited amount of sticks at any given time. Visit our full blackthorn collection to see all of our currently available sticks to avoid missing out.

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Roger Collicott
13 January 2021  |  11:12

Blackthorn thumb stick could I get one from you ?

10 May 2021  |  1:42

I want a knob handled walking stick in Blackthorn . Can you say if you would be in a position to provide one in the not too distant future?

08 July 2021  |  16:56

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, the industry is currently going through a shortage of blackthorn wood, and while we didn't think it would last this long, it's hard to say when we'll be able to provide a full range of blackthorn sticks again.

At the moment, the cane shown above is the only blackthorn walking stick of any sort that we have in stock.

In the meantime, you can browse our wooden sticks by clicking the "Wooden Sticks" link at the top of this page. We have plenty of knob handled sticks, and hopefully one of those will do the trick.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with!

Kind regards,

Eugene at