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Best Crutches for Long-Term Use

If you suffer from a long-term condition affecting your mobility, it's imperative that you invest in high-quality, long-term crutches that can help you manage in the best way possible. Failing to provide your body with the appropriate walking support could lead to some uncomfortable outcomes that will have you regretting your decision with every step you take (joint pressure and nerve damage are amongst the consequences that patients often encounter when they use ill-fitting or inappropriate crutches to support their injuries).

In this blog, we would like to introduce you to our handy guide to some of our Best Crutches for Long-Term Use that you need to support your condition. No matter what you're suffering from, this list of high-quality crutches will allow you to move around with ease and minimise the risk of pain or injury in the long run.

What Does This Guide Cover?

Best Overall Long-Term Use Crutches

Our Winner: M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches Pair

M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches PairWhy We Love It...

✔ Includes flexible armbands that conform to the user's arm
✔ Features lockable hinged arm support to spread weight evenly
✔ Offers a rotating handle option that will swing down to allow full access

Perfect For...

✔ People suffering from conditions including arthritis and EDS
Patients who find regular crutches too painful or stressful
✔ Individuals searching for a pair of crutches instead of single ones

Not the Best For...

✘ Users seeking crutches with flexible ferrules (See our solution)
✘ Patients seeking coloured crutches (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Forming part of our bestseller list, the M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair) offer both comfort and practicality alongside excellent support for a range of conditions. These crutches feature advanced and flexible armbands that adapt to the shape of your arm for a secure fit every time. Furthermore, the lockable hinged arm support is designed to distribute weight evenly across the arm to ensure maximum comfort and can be unlocked for easy arm movements throughout the day. The M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches also include shock-absorbing feet that provide cushioning against impact shock that can potentially cause harm to the forearms.

Customer Verdict:  "I didn't think I'd ever be able to use crutches because I haven't got the ability to have pressure on my joints due to pain and fatigue. However, I kept thinking about it and sought out exactly this design! I'm so glad it exists. I really recommend it to anyone who's worried about joint pressure from using crutches. Honestly, anyone using crutches long-term should use these to prevent damage - I hope they become much more of a standard practice in the future! Very fast shipping too." - Will★★★★★ 

Best Long-Term Use Crutches for Arthritis

Our Winner: Ergoactives Ergobaum 7G Adult Forearm Crutches (Pair)

Ergoactives Ergobaum 7G Adult Forearm Crutches (Pair)Why We Love It...

✔ Offers an adjustable handle for a custom fit for every user
✔ Includes a non-slip ferrule to ensure stability and balance
✔ Features three points of height and position adjustment for extra comfort

Perfect For...

✔ Patients affected by conditions including arthritis and MS
✔ Individuals suffering from broken ankles and feet
✔ People with stress fractures, sprains and ACL injury/tear

Not the Best For...

✘ Patients searching for coloured crutches (See our solution)
Users seeking crutches for children (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Arthritis often leads to physical weakness that can change the normal way we move. The latter is why a pair of crutches such as the Ergoactives Ergobaum 7G Adult Forearm Crutches (Pair) can make your life much easier when living with a deteriorating condition like arthritis. These crutches feature a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame for easy transportation, cushioned forearm strap and pad for maximum comfort, and a non-slip ergocap ferrule that ensures you remain stable on different surfaces. What's more, the Ergoactives Ergobaum 7G Adult Crutches have been specifically designed to promote optimal gait for faster healing and eliminate secondary injuries that are often linked with crutch use. These come in a pair of extra convenience and cost efficiency.


Best Crutches for Enhanced Stability

Our Winner: Flexyfoot Anatomical Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch

Flexyfoot Anatomical Soft Grip Closed Cuff CrutchWhy We Love It...

✔ Features an anatomical grip handle that distributes pressure equally for comfort
Height-adjustable feature and closed cuff allow for more hand freedom
✔ Includes shock absorption feature to prevent elbow and shoulder pain

Perfect For...

Users of varying heights due to the height adjustability feature
✔ Alleviating pain that tends to happen with extended periods of crutch use
Use on all types of surfaces including rough terrains

Not the Best For...

Individuals seeking coloured crutches (See our solution)
Patients seeking a pair of crutches (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: If your condition is causing instability issues, you're better off opting for a crutch such as the Flexyfoot Anatomical Soft Grip Handle Closed Cuff Crutch. This crutch makes for an excellent mobility aid, as it includes a flexible ferrule that will stay in contact with even rough terrains to provide you with a more secure grip. Furthermore, the Flexyfoot Anatomical Crutch also features height adjustability, shock absorption and an ergonomic design that all contribute to preventing fatigue and discomfort, as well as providing you with a safer and more comfortable walking experience everywhere you go. Please note that this crutch comes as a single product.

Customer Verdict:  "Love this crutch... I've been using an NHS crutch and this is absolute quality compared to it. Well made, sturdy, comfortable, and the flexy foot is an absolute must." - Alison ★★★★★ 

Best Long-Term Use Elbow Crutches

Our Winner: Days Standard Length Single Adjustable Elbow Crutches

Days Standard Length Single Adjustable Elbow CrutchesWhy We Love It...

✔ Features lightweight yet durable aluminium frame to minimise weight bulk
Includes an angled neck to provide comfort and reduce wrist strain
✔ Offers a non-marking and non-slip base for extra safety throughout use

Perfect For...

Users seeking a pair of crutches instead of single ones
Individuals searching for height-adjustable crutches
Patients who require extremely easy-to-use crutches

Not the Best For...

Individuals seeking crutches for children (See our solution)
Users seeking a single crutch (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Featuring a lightweight and sturdy aluminium frame and a non-marking and non-slip frame for guaranteed safety, the Days Standard Length Single Adjustable Elbow Crutches are designed to provide outstanding support without compromising comfort. Quit using standard crutches that will leave you with sore arms. Instead, the Days Standard Length Adjustable Crutches include an angled neck that prevents wrist pain and discomfort, even throughout extended wear. What's more, these crutches are fully height adjustable to cater to most users, and they also come in a pair to ensure cost efficiency.

Customer Verdict: "Bought these crutches for my husband who is paraplegic and he says they are comfortable on his hands." - Tania  ★★★★★ 

Best Long-Term Use Coloured Crutches

Our Winner: Flexyfoot Comfort Grip Double Adjustable Orange (Pair)

Flexyfoot Comfort Grip Double Adjustable Orange (Pair)Why We Love It...

Features flexible ferrules to provide a superior grip and a height-adjustable frame
Designed with shock-absorbing ferrules and closed cuffs for ease of movement
Comes in a bright orange shade to lighten up your mood

Perfect For...

Patients suffering from an injured lower limb
Individuals seeking height-adjustable crutches
People seeking crutches that come as a pair

Not the Best For...

Users seeking single crutch (See our solution)
Individuals searching for crutches for children (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Sometimes, adding a little colour to our looks can make our days brighter. The Flexyfoot Comfort Grip Double Adjustable Orange Crutches (Pair) come in a stunning vibrant orange shade and is perfect for users who seek crutches with a little more personality. Besides a cheerful design, these crutches feature closed cuffs for improved security, a flexible, shock-absorbing ferrule for extra safety and superior grip on most grounds (including uneven surfaces), and an adjustable frame to ensure that your crutch tailors to your best fit. Overall, the Flexyfoot Comfort Grip Adjustable Orange Crutches are designed to enable ease of movement in most scenarios.

Customer Verdict:  "Bought these crutches for a bit more stability while walking with my prosthetic. The flexyfoot and the contoured grip are so comfortable and the colour helps me express myself and portray a more positive look." - Daniel ★★★★★ 

Best Children's Crutches for Long-Term Use

Our Winner: Drive Medical Red Aluminium Paediatric Forearm Crutches

Drive Medical Red Aluminium Paediatric Forearm CrutchesWhy We Love It...

Includes comfortable and supportive grips and cuffs for extra safety
✔ Adjustable height makes this product suitable for a wider range of users
✔ Comes in a spirit-red shade for a fun and unique design

Perfect For...

✔ Children suffering from instability or mobility issues due to paediatric design
✔ Users with latex allergies as these feature latex-free plastic cuffs
Patients of varying heights requiring height-adjustable support

Not the Best For...

Those seeking an adult pair of crutches (See our solution)
Patients seeking suitable support for arthritis (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Specifically designed for children who struggle with mobility issues, the Drive Medical Aluminium Paediatric Forearm Crutches feature supportive latex-free plastic grips and cuffs to prevent the hands from slipping off the support. With these crutches, you can guarantee your child's safety and provide them with a comfortable and bright option to feel confident wherever they walk. Besides, the adjustable feature of the Drive Medical Paediatric Crutches is there to ensure a suitable fit for every user. These crutches come in a pair for maximum convenience and cost efficiency.

Long-Term Confidence and Security Wherever You Walk

When it comes to chronic mobility issues, you're better off opting for a product that will provide long-term comfort and stability on every ground. Whether you suffer from a painful and gradually deteriorating condition such as arthritis or other disorders affecting your ability to walk, the options provided on this blog are guaranteed to help your balance without causing further injury or discomfort. We hope this blog has helped you decide on a suitable product for your particular condition, and we wish you a safe time walking wherever you go!

Not fully convinced by our best recommendations? Feel free to browse our full range of Crutches till you find a product that meets all of your requirements.

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