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Where to Buy Walking Sticks?

There's only one reason you'd be here on this page right now: you're wondering where you can buy a walking stick. The truth is that there are many different retailers out there that stock walking canes, but none of them do it with the passion and expertise that we have. Read our blog to find out why is an excellent choice for helping you with your walking stick needs.

Walking Stick Experts

Although has been up and running since the summer of 2017, our walking stick expertise go much further back than that; we've been sourcing, selecting and retailing walking sticks and canes since 2008. As such, we have the know-how to provide you with a walking stick that not only aids your mobility but also looks the part. With walking sticks quickly becoming a popular fashion accessory, we have hundreds of different sticks that can make you a fashionista amongst your friends.

When you're looking to purchase a walking stick, you probably need to receive it soon. We make it our aim to get your cane in the post as quickly as possible so you can benefit from the extra support or stylish features right away. The only problem is that with our wide range of walking sticks, you'll be hard-pressed to narrow down the sticks you want to purchase to a reasonable amount! We have a wide range of walking sticks for you, including the following.

Country Walking Sticks

Chestnut Thumbstick Hiking Stick

Whether you're taking a brisk walk in the country or you're going for an aimless wander, the British countryside is full of dangers that a walking stick can help with. Our range of Country Walking Sticks have been designed to offer you excellent support while you stay active so you can don't have to miss out on the next group ramble or hike. But a walking stick doesn't just have to be used to support you; with their long shafts, country sticks can be used to move stinging nettles out of the way so you don't have to hobble all the way back home. Some sticks, like the Antler Thumbstick Handle Walking Stick with Whistle, can even be used to call your dog back to your side or scare off wild animals!

Novelty Handle Walking Canes

Brown Aviator Duck Cane

When your highest priority for choosing your next walking stick is adding style to your outfit, novelty walking canes are an excellent way of doing this. Our range of Novelty Handle Walking Sticks provide you with quirky and fun methods for expressing your personality. Whichever you choose, we're sure these sticks will be an excellent talking point at any event you attend.

If you're looking for a more subtle novelty cane, the Number Eight Handle Walking Cane is an excellent and popular choice among pool players and walking stick enthusiasts. And if these don't take your fancy, we have a wide selection of other novelty canes to choose from.

Everyday Walking Sticks

Smart Beech Derby Cane with Carved Rings

These sticks are the ones that can provide you with ample support on a daily basis. Designed with relatively neutral patterns, these Everyday Walking Sticks can be used in a wide range of places. Although each everyday stick is different, they have predominantly been designed to keep you feeling comfortable during use while helping to keep you stable.

If you're looking for something a little different to the sticks we've listed, view our full range of products and have a look around. From the highly supportive to the fashionable, we have something for you!

Do you have a favourite style of cane or walking stick? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!