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Watch Videos of Our Animal-Themed Walking Sticks

Walking sticks don't have to be plain and boring. Snap out of the ordinary and have a browse through our broad range of Animal Print Canes or Animal Head Walking Sticks. Whether you're a pet lover or appreciate beautifully carved animal heads, we've got a wide range of 360° videos to help you decide on a walking stick that truly matches your personality. 

Take a look at the selection of videos below to discover our top-rated walking sticks. If you don't find what you're looking for on this blog, feel free to explore our YouTube channel where you'll find hundreds of additional walking sticks currently available on our website!

What Sticks Are Included?

Height-Adjustable Mini Cartoon Cats Derby Handle Walking Stick

Life doesn't always have to be serious. If you've got a cheerful personality and adore animals, you'll surely love this charming and adorable walking stick with cartoon cats. Its foldable design means you can keep it in your handbag and use it whenever you require some support. 


Height-Adjustable Folding Dogs Derby Walking Stick

Furry friends can lighten up anybody's bad day, and ruff times become easier with this dog-themed folding walking stick. Whether you're heading down for a stroll at the park, or taking a quick trip to the shops, this walking stick makes for the support you need to prevent falls and accidents. 


Brown Duck-Head Hardwood Cane 

Looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd? Look no further than this unique duck-head hardwood cane. With its comfortable and easy-to-grip design, this walking stick effortlessly combines style and function to make every step you take a special one. 

Brown Duck Head Walking Stick with Brass Collar

  • Features an intriguing duck's head handle
  • Fitted with a smart collar and a metal ferrule
  • Excellent as a birthday or Christmas present
  • Shaft made from durable and resilient hardwood
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Snow Leopard Derby Walking Cane

Looking for a subtle touch of sophistication? Consider this snow leopard derby walking cane, a perfect accessory to effortlessly enhance any outfit without adding too much colour. 


Brown Hare Hardwood Cane

Upgrade from plain and basic walking sticks to this exceptional hare hardwood cane. It will surely add an interesting twist to your walks. 

Collector's Brown Hare Head Hardwood Walking Cane with Metal Collar

  • Features a detailed hare's head as the handle
  • Fitted with a smart collar and a metal ferrule
  • Excellent as a birthday or Christmas present
  • Shaft made from durable and resilient hardwood
In stock now
with FREE UK delivery

Crazy Cats Derby Adjustable Walking Stick

This walking stick boasts a creative and playful design, making it an ideal companion for attending fancy dress parties or other special events. 


Height-Adjustable Garden Birds Sturdy Folding Walking Stick

If you enjoy observing birds from your window, have you considered incorporating them into your walking stick? This way, you can admire their beauty for as long as you wish and showcase their magnificence wherever you go. 


Imitation Ivory Golden Retriever Hardwood Cane

Everybody knows that a dog is man's best friend. This walking cane features a beautifully detailed golden retriever's head to always keep you company and prevent you from nasty falls during your walks. 


Forest Creatures Adjustable Derby Walking Stick

Add a magical touch to your daily walks with this walking cane featuring a forest full of cute little animals. No matter the time of year, this walking stick features neutral colours to perfectly match all outfits and occasions. 


Silver Plated Duck Cane 

Ducks symbolise laughter, happiness and good luck among other positive messages. Why not opt for this beautiful silver-plated duck cane to spread some positivity and get some heads turning along the way?

Although these truly unique walking sticks make for our top ten most popular options, we've uploaded more than 100 videos on our YouTube channel showcasing a selection of walking sticks of all styles and designs. If you've got your eye on a stick for which we don't have a video, you can let us know via the form below and we will try our best to shoot one and let you know as soon as it is uploaded.

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