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How to Care for Your Metal Walking Stick

Durability, flexibility, and easy maintenance would turn anyone into a fan of metal walking sticks. Even though metal is much more resilient than wood, and metal canes more often than not come with useful features, such as an extending or folding shaft, your stick still needs to be properly taken care of if you want it to keep looking as good as on the day you bought it.

Whether your metal cane is height adjustable or folding, made from aluminium, brass or steel, we've come up with a few useful tips that will help you keep your walking stick in top condition for years to come. Proper care doesn't require a lot of your time or effort, so we strongly recommend you take those few extra minutes and give your walking stick an occasional treatment.

Folding Metal Cane

How Do I Clean It?

Cleaning a metal walking stick couldn't be easier. Simply brush off any dirt or dust with a dry cloth and your job is done. If the dirt seems to be sticking on, wipe the cane with a damp cloth and dry it completely before storing it.

As you clean, pay attention to any broken bits, nicks or scratches. Minor damage can be quickly covered using a felt tip pen, while a broken handle or a worn-out ferrule needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

How Often Should I Clean It?

You probably want your cane to look as good as on the day you bought it for as long as possible, and to achieve that you will want to make sure that there are never any bits of dirt or dust damaging its fine surface. The best time to clean any stick is right after you get back from an outdoor walk, as this is usually the time when your cane is at its worst.

Needless to say, metal should never be left wet or damp for long, so whenever you're using your cane in wet conditions, be careful to dry it off carefully after use and never store it away when still wet. If, however, you tend to use it indoors only, lightly brush the stick at least once a week to get rid of the dust and other particles.

How Resilient is a Metal Walking Stick?

One of the greatest benefits of metal walking sticks is that they tend to be more resilient to the occasion fall or bump. While this is true for most everyday sticks that are designed to be strong and durable, special care should be taken when dealing with decorative handles plated with either silver, chrome, nickel or brass. These are very prone to scratches and dents, so be extra careful when wearing rings or other jewellery that could potentially damage the beautiful handle.

Silver Handle

Where Can I Store It Once I'm Done Cleaning?

Firstly, your walking stick needs to be perfectly clean and dry when you are about to store it away for a longer period of time. If you own a folding cane, store it in its folded position. A metal walking stick can be stored practically anywhere you have the room for it; just make sure you never place it in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.

What are your top tips for taking care of a metal walking stick? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!