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Best Walking Poles 2024

Whether you're a walker, hiker, trekker or backpacker, a walking pole or staff can be an excellent investment. The right stick will:

  • Enhance your stability
  • Provide support on all types of terrain
  • Look great with your country outfit

To help you find the best possible walking pole for your needs, we've put together this list of some of our top picks that range from traditional staffs to intriguing thumbsticks. To discover more similar country sticks, explore our full ranges of walking staffs, rambling sticks or hiking staffs.

Chestnut Hiker Stick with Plain Ferrule

Chestnut Hiker Stick with Plain FerruleThe best place to start is with this minimalist Chestnut Hiker Stick that offers robust and reliable support. Its height of 51" (130cm) makes it suitable for most individuals, while the metal ferrule is especially perfect for use on soft terrain. The wooden construction and rustic appearance, complete with a leather wrist strap, will blend in well when you're out and about. Whether spending the day hiking up a hill or the weekend trekking through the forest, the hiker stick will make a visually appealing and highly practical companion.

Key Features: 51" (130cm); metal ferrule; durable construction; leather wrist cord

Chestnut Hiking Staff with English Rose

Chestnut Hiking Staff with English RoseWhile similar to the stick above, the Chestnut Hiking Staff with English Rose is distinguished by a laser engraved image of a rose, the symbol of England, with the name of the country engraved beneath. Moreover, the staff features a combi ferrule, which means that there is a rubber ferrule fitted over a spiked one. This way, the staff can safely be used on both hard and soft surfaces, making it ideal for diverse hiking terrain.

Key Features: 48" (122cm); combi ferrule; coppiced chestnut wood; leather wrist loop

Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking Stick

Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking StickThe Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking Stick features a slightly different handle from the classic staff, which is both comfortable to grip and visually appealing. This robust chestnut stick is 36" (91cm) tall, which makes it ideal for leisurely country walks, but is not the best option for hikers. With a metal ferrule on its base, this walking stick provides reliable support on soft, muddy grounds.

Key Features: 36" (91cm); metal ferrule; knob handle; coppiced chestnut wood

Antler Thumbstick with Magnetic Handle

Antler Thumbstick with Magnetic HandleA traditional country stick at first glance, this Antler Thumbstick comes equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet that can help you collect spent cartridges in the shooting field, or other small metal items. The comfortable thumbstick handle allows the stick to be carried with the thumb resting in the V-section, while the metal ferrule ensures the stick can be safely used even on muddy grounds.

Key Features: 135cm (53"); metal ferrule, thumbstick handle with a magnet; hazel wood

Bamboo Hiking Staff

Bamboo Hiking StaffIf you've been looking for a hiking stick that is both functional and attractive enough to be used as an accessory to your country apparel, the Bamboo Hiking Staff might be just what you need. This traditional hiking staff is made from bamboo, easily recognisable by its pale yellow, almost white colour and lack of heartwood or growth rings, and fitted with a combi ferrule that makes it suitable for both hard and soft surfaces.

Key Features: 122cm (48"); combi ferrule; extra lightweight at 210 grams; leather wrist loop

Do you like to hike with a walking pole? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!