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Best Seat Walking Sticks

Tuesday, 24 October 2017  |  Eugene

Whether you're going on a long hike through the countryside, a stroll through the town, or simply going to take in an outdoor show, staying on your feet all day can be taxing. While you'll embark with enthusiasm, as the day goes on your feet will become tired and painful, leading you to search far and wide for a seat to relieve the pressure. You need not find yourself in this predicament, though, as there are walking sticks that are made with a seat built in!

These sticks will provide you with all the support of any other walking stick, with the hidden benefit of a seat that can be deployed at any time. No more miserable treks home from a long walk, and no more standing through an outdoor show or event, as these sticks will give you the power and freedom to take a load off whenever you see fit.

At, we're the authority on all things walking stick-related, and we simply wouldn't be doing our job properly if this didn't include seat sticks as well. We've taken the liberty of putting together a list of some of our favourite walking seat sticks, combining practicality, convenience and comfort.

Black Crook Trio Folding Seat Stick

Black Crook Trio Folding Seat StickWe start off our list with a highly comfortable seat stick that is ideally suited to take to outdoor events and venues where seating may be limited. The Black Crook Trio Folding Seat Stick is equipped with three legs, giving it plenty of stability for you to confidently take a load off. As you approach the event, it will act as a lightweight and supportive walking aid, and when you enter, you'll have a reliable seat, regardless of how packed the show is.

It folds up compactly, making it easy to toss in the boot of your car, and is even easy to take on a crowded bus or train. No longer will you have to plop down on wet grass or a soaking park bench, as you'll have a dry and comfortable personal seat at your disposal, wherever you go. 

Key Features: Folds up compactly, lightweight, comfortable round seat.

Gamebird Cheltenham Adjustable Seat Stick

Gamebird Cheltenham Adjustable Shooting Seat StickA classic design of seat walking stick, shooting sticks are commonly found in the British countryside, where hunters look to take a load off while trudging through wet or uneven terrain. The Gamebird Cheltenham Adjustable Seat Stick is of the highest quality, providing stability and support for those at outdoor events or on long walks.

The robust aluminium frame is both sturdy and supportive, while also being light enough to comfortably carry all day long. The luxurious seat is made from padded leather, providing comfort not usually found in a portable seat stick. When closed, the seat forms a comfortable leather handle, making it more comfortable than metal on those cold days. Finally, to improve stability a plate and spiked ferrule is fixed to the bottom of the shaft, allowing the stick to dig in without slipping.

Key Features: Comfortable leather seat and handle, plate and spiked ferrule for stability.

Black Foldaway Flipstick Seat Stick

Black Foldaway Flipstick Seat StickWhen it comes to convenience and ease of use, it's hard to beat the next stick on our list. The Black Foldaway Flipstick Seat Stick combines a foldable walking stick with a portable seat, making it unbeatable for compact storage and full portability. With a single leg, it allows the user to comfortably balance, taking pressure off the feet so you can enjoy a show or a rest.

This uniquely designed stick transforms from seat to stick with ease, locking into place with a spring-loaded button. It provides an alternative to the slightly bulkier tripod seats, as the Flipstick features only one leg, with the rest of the stability coming from the legs of the user. The plastic bicycle-style seat provides comfortable rest, while the durable aluminium stem makes the seat light and easy to carry.

Key Features: Easily folds away, lightweight design, one leg for simple transport.

Adjustable Green Explorer Supaseat Seat Stick

Adjustable Green Explorer Supaseat Seat Stick

If you enjoy getting out into nature and encountering tough or rugged terrain, this next stick may just be the one for you.  Made with incredible durability, the Adjustable Green Explorer Supaseat Seat Stick is an English-made walking seat stick made to support your weight, even on the soft English ground.

This stick is ideal for having a rest during a long hike, and will work flawlessly just about anywhere. No more sitting on the muddy ground, as the large folding seat of this stick will keep you dry while you're perched and content. Fitted with a point and plate at the end, the stick will dig into the soft ground, providing you with the slip-free support you need on a damp day. It is height adjustable from 33" to 40", making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Key Features: Highly robust design, spiked ferrule, great for long hikes on soft terrain.

Black Canvas Folding Seat Stick

Black Canvas Folding Seat Stick

While the rest of the sticks on this list have been made as a stick first and seat second, this seat stick is primarily designed for comfortable portable seating. The Black Canvas Folding Seat Stick is fitted with four sturdy legs, providing you with an excellent level of comfort and stability as your take in the show, sporting event or majesty of nature. Once unfolded, the canvas seat will provide hours of comfort, making you the envy of those around you sitting on the wet benches or grass.

The focus on stability and comfort this seat provides doesn't mean it isn't highly portable and convenient as well, as it's made with lightweight aluminium to let you take it anywhere with ease. It folds up to a compact size, ideal for tossing in the boot of the car or moving from place to place at an outdoor event, picnic or show. 

Key Features: Four legs for stability, comfortable canvas seat, lightweight aluminium frame.

These are some of our favourite walking seat sticks, but that's not to say they have to be yours as well. At, we stock a wide range of Walking Seat Sticks we didn't have time to include in this list, all available with free UK delivery on all orders over £40. Why not take a look for yourself, and decide which one is your favourite?

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