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Best Novelty Handle Walking Sticks

Our selection of intriguing Novelty Handle Walking Sticks includes interesting variations of ambulist classics, portraits carved with amazing precision, and creative motifs one would not expect to see in place of a walking stick handle. If you are stuck in your search for a quirky novelty cane that would complete your already impressive collection, be sure to check our list of recommendations for some inspiration.

Our Top Sellers

Aside from these top sellers, this guide includes a small range of our very favourites:

Sherlock Holmes Collectors' Walking Stick

Sherlock HolmesRegardless of whether you are a fan of Sherlock, this fun and attractive Sherlock Holmes Collectors' Walking Stick is bound to impress you. The famous detective is portrayed complete with the hat and a miniature pipe that adds a fine touch to the already quirky handle. The artistic portrait is moulded from resin and comes in an attractive brown colour that perfectly matches the dark brown beech shaft.

Key Features: Character handle, dark brown colour, rubber ferrule, ideal for collectors and Sherlock Holmes fans, beech wood shaft

William Shakespeare Collectors' Walking Stick

William Shakespeare If you are a fan of character canes, but not exactly a Sherlock enthusiast, the William Shakespeare Collectors' Walking Stick might be more to your liking. The elegantly coloured bust is moulded from resin and features an exceptionally accurate portrait of the renowned playwright. The ivory colour handle perfectly contrasts with the darker, stained beech shaft that has been fitted with a smart brass collar to complete the elegant design.

Key Features: Character handle, ivory colour, ideal as an accessory for special occasions, beech wood shaft

Black Greyhound Handle Crook Walking Stick

Greyhound CrookAnimals, specially dogs, are one of the most popular motifs among novelty canes, so it might be difficult to find one that would still impress you and bring something new to your collection. The Black Greyhound Handle Crook Walking Stick is a classic with a twist of the unexpected, featuring a black greyhound, manufactured in acetate, that is shaped into a perfect crook. At first glance, this novelty cane is as elegant as any other formal walking stick, while a closer look reveals a more interesting story.

Key Features: Classic crook handle featuring a black greyhound, made from durable acetate, suitable as an accessory on most formal occasions, hardwood shaft

Hand Painted Green Frog Hardwood Cane

Green FrogThe idea of a green frog perched on top of a light brown head seems simple enough, but a true enthusiast might notice charming details that remain hidden to the untrained eye. The Hand Painted Green Frog Hardwood Cane features a whimsical green frog, made from tough resin and hand coloured with a great degree of detail, with its legs crossed down the back of the handle. This colourful handle is a great conversation starter and a great addition to any collection.

Key Features: Hand coloured green frog, made from resin, ideal for collectors, hardwood shaft

These are some of our personal favourites that we feel stand out from the crowd in an intriguing, eye-catching or particularly charming way. Of course, here at we store a much broader range of Novelty Handle Walking Sticks, so do take a look and you might find the one that speaks to you best.

Have any questions, or something to add? You can leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!