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What Is an Offset Cane?

Two-thirds of those who purchase a cane do it without consulting a professional about the type of cane they need. That means that many people who could benefit from offset, or swan-neck, canes miss out on the opportunity. Here is some basic information on these effective and innovative walking sticks.

What Is an Offset Walking Cane?

An offset walking stick is characterised by the sharp bend near the handle, that resembles the neck of a swan. These canes are designed to position your weight directly over the shaft, increasing stability and putting less pressure on the wrists. Offset canes also typically come with soft-grip, yielding handles for maximum comfort. 

Who Are Offset Canes Suitable For? 

Offset canes are becoming increasingly popular in the medical community for those who have arthritis in the hip or knee, and occasionally need to decrease the weight on a sore lower extremity. They are suitable for those with weak wrists or grip, as the shape of the handle removes some of the pressure from the hand.

How Do You Use an Offset Cane?

When holding the handle of an offset cane your elbow should be flexed at roughly 20° away from the body. You walk with it much the same way as you would with any other mobility aid. Hold the cane on the opposite side from your weakened limb or hip, and then swing the cane and step with that foot simultaneously.

Height-Adjustable Quad Offset Matte Bronze Cane


The lightweight Height-Adjustable Quad Offset Matte Bronze Cane offers support and improved balance, both with the offset handle and with the self-standing quad base. Not only does this decrease pressure and likelihood of falls, it also means you don't have to worry about leaning it up anywhere when you need your hands free.

Drive Medical All-Terrain Walking Cane

Drive Medical All-Terrain Walking Cane

The Drive Medical All-Terrain Walking Cane provides outstanding traction and stability, with four retractable stainless steel spikes at the tip meaning you can walk in all weathers. The handle features a foam grip for comfortable use, and the swan neck carries your weight directly above the stick. 

If none of these three appeal to you please take a look at our full range of offset-handle canes.

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