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Watch Videos of Our Hiking Sticks

When going for countryside walks, hiking sticks can be very helpful in safeguarding your knees and preventing injuries. However, it's natural to feel apprehensive before buying one online. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a hiking stick that doesn't meet their expectations or doesn't appeal to them when it reaches their doorstep.

Here we present a wide range of 360° videos to help you get a closer look at some of our most popular hiking sticks and hopefully help you make the best-informed decision based on your needs. If you don't find what you're looking for on this blog, you're more than welcome to explore our YouTube channel where you'll find several other hiking sticks currently available on our website!

What Sticks Are Included?

Hazel Thumbstick Country Hiking Stick

Robust and sturdy, the hazel thumbstick will make the best companion to most hikers in need of reliable support. The naturally-shaped v-form on this walking stick is also the perfect place to rest your thumb for enhanced comfort during long walks.


Natural Chestnut Knob Handle Wooden Walking Stick

Chestnut sticks are sturdy yet less dense than other wooden sticks, which makes them ideal for hikers in need of a lightweight option that they can trust during longer walks through unstable terrain. This chestnut hiking stick features a classic knob handle to make every countryside walk more manageable.


Antler Thumbstick Handle Blackthorn Walking Stick

Featuring a characterful shaft, this walking stick is made from blackthorn wood, which is known for its durability and hardiness, making it ideal for people in need of a hiking stick that will accompany them for many years.

Antler Thumbstick Handle Blackthorn Walking Stick

  • Featuring an antler handle mounted on a blackthorn shaft
  • Unusual and unique appearance of the V-shaped handle
  • Fitted with a metal ferrule, ideal for hiking and country walks
  • Great as a birthday or Christmas present for your loved ones
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Medium Hazel Knob Handle Stick

If you're looking for a visually appealing and comfortable hiking stick, look no further! This medium hazel hiking stick offers an elegant design and an easy-to-grip knob handle for enhanced support through every trek.


Curly Blackthorn Wood Ram's Horn Crook Walking Stick

Looking for a one-of-a-kind hiking stick? Check out this one with a beautifully crafted handle made from a genuine ram's horn. It's sure to turn heads and earn you compliments from anyone who sees it.


Scorched Chestnut Knobstick Walking Stick

Hiking sticks with a traditional style can enhance the experience of a countryside walk. This particular stick has a scorched appearance and showcases an ancient design that has been used by ramblers for centuries.


Long Hazel Thumbstick Country Walking Stick

Designed with taller users in mind, this long hazel country thumbstick features a length of 122cm to cater to most hikers and a combi ferrule for use on both hard and soft surfaces, enabling you to hike on most terrains!


Chestnut Thumbstick Country Walking Stick

Characterised by its unique appearance, this thumbstick has been grown using the centuries-old, natural coppicing method, making it a special hiking companion for all your countryside excursions.

Chestnut Thumbstick Country Walking Stick

  • Comfortable and practical V-shaped handle
  • Crafted from chestnut wood, known for its strength and durability
  • Fitted with a special combi ferrule, ideal for hard and soft surfaces
  • The perfect walking stick for hiking and long country walks
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Congo Effect Chestnut Hiking Staff

Besides its practical design, this congo effect chestnut staff features an appealing, rich brown appearance that makes it a fantastic accessory to complete your rustic country look before heading out for your hike.


Chestnut Hiker Stick with Plain Ferrule 

Featuring a natural rustic appearance, this chestnut wood hiking staff also includes a brown leather strap that you can slip over your wrist for easy and comfortable gripping as you explore broad countryside terrains.

Chestnut Hiker Stick with Plain Ferrule

  • Chestnut hiking stick complete with brown leather wrist strap
  • Plain ferrule improves stability on varied terrains
  • Height of 51" (130cm) ideal for most individuals
  • Wood is harvested from sustainable forests
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Fancy Seeing Some More Designs?

Although these make for some of our most popular options, there are hundreds of videos currently available on our YouTube channel showcasing plenty of other versatile designs. If you're interested in a walking stick for which we do not have a video, you could let us know by submitting the form below and we will do our best to create the content and notify you.

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