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Watch Videos of Our Colourful Walking Sticks

Adding a pop of colour to your daily outfits can always help to brighten your mood and make the day ahead a little more positive. Our Coloured Walking Sticks make for the perfect accessory to showcase your personality and bring your final look to life. Whether you prefer animal patterns and floral designs, or a minimalistic yet colourful walking stick, we've got a broad range of 360° videos to help you make a suitable choice depending on your requirements and taste.

Have a scroll through the videos below to see some of our most popular colourful walking sticks. If none of these options meets your specific needs, you can head over to our YouTube channel and view the many other hundreds of walking sticks available for purchase on our official website.

Which Sticks Are Included?

Height-Adjustable Mini Cartoon Cats Derby Handle Folding Walking Stick

Featuring a funky and modern design, this mini cartoon cats walking stick makes for the perfect companion to take on long journeys. Besides its gorgeous pastel green backdrop, this walking stick can also be folded into a compact size for maximum convenience.


Mini Folding Blue Morris Derby Handle Walking Stick

Close your eyes and transport yourself to your favourite holiday destination with this bright blue Morris walking stick. Showcasing beautiful white flowers, this walking stick screams summer and works brilliantly as an accessory that adds a pop of colour to your daily look.


Tartan Derby Walking Cane

If you love colour, you'll surely appreciate this tartan design walking cane. This walking stick combines bright shades of yellow, orange, red, brown, green, and white to elevate your everyday looks and make every stroll a little more vivid.


Derby Tea Party Extending Dark Blue Floral Cane

If you're gathering with friends or at an event where a little dressing up is required, you should opt for this dark blue floral cane. Colourful, yet elegant and subtle, this walking stick can make you stand out without overwhelming your final look.


Adjustable British Poppies Derby Cane

Make every day a little brighter with this British poppy walking cane. Featuring bright red poppies against a black backdrop, this walking stick is ready to make your walks a lot more cheerful.

Adjustable British Poppies Derby Cane

  • Height-adjustable from 73cm to 95cm (approximately 29" - 37.5")
  • Covered with a vivid print of watercolour poppies
  • Traditional Derby handle is comfortable to hold
  • Fitted with a chrome collar and a non-slip rubber ferrule
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Crazy Cats Derby Adjustable Walking Stick

Crazy about furry animals? This bright and fun crazy cats adjustable walking stick will ensure that you stay supported no matter the occasion. Whether you decide to pair it with smart or casual outfits, you're sure to receive some compliments along the way.


Adjustable Floral Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick

You can never go wrong with a floral walking stick. This cane features beautiful red, blue and yellow floral patterns and a classic derby handle for a trending style all year round.

Adjustable Floral Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick

  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminium walking stick
  • Patterned wooden crutch handle and adjustable height for comfort
  • Wrist cord and rubber ferrule improve safety and convenience
  • Attractive floral design for a touch of personality
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Height-Adjustable Garden Birds Sturdy Folding Walking Stick

If you're the type to enjoy birdwatching while sitting in your garden or the local park, you'll certainly love this gorgeous and detailed design of garden birds on a sturdy walking cane. Featuring blue and orange touches against a classy cream backdrop, this walking stick will support you through all of your walks.


Forest Creatures Adjustable Derby Walking Stick

For an adorable and unique option, this walking stick featuring forest creatures can make the gloomier days brighter and more manageable. Whether you're sitting and waiting for the bus, or find yourself standing in a long queue, this walking stick will provide the support you need, and entertain you with its intricate and detailed design.


Height Adjustable Folding Teal Silicone Crutch Handle Walking Stick

For those who are after a simple yet colourful option, this teal silicone walking stick makes for the perfect choice. Whether you're looking for a walking cane for special occasions, or one that will fit every scenario, this walking stick will add a touch of elegance to every outfit without being too overpowering.

Still Willing to Browse More Options? We've Got Hundreds of Other Designs For You!

These bright and colourful walking sticks are our top ten most popular options, but if you're still indecisive, we've got plenty of other designs that you can browse. We've shot hundreds of videos that are available for you to watch on our YouTube channel, which illustrates a broad variety of our stunning and handy walking sticks. If you're considering buying a walking stick for which we do not have a video, you can inform us using the below form and we will make every effort to shoot a video of the specific product and inform you as soon as it is up.

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We will use this to let you know once the video has been made

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