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Walking Sticks to Complement Green Eyes

Mobility aids shouldn't just help you to move around – they need to add style, glamour and sophistication to your outfits too. In today's blog, we'll give you our top walking sticks for those of you with emerald eyes for a walking stick to enhance your natural beauty, your wardrobe, and your walk.

The fabulous thing about Walking Sticks to Complement Green Eyes is that they'll be timeless to you: your eyes aren't going to change, meaning these suggestions will be forever stylish. So buckle up and keep reading to find the best walking sticks and canes for your eye colour, and stay tuned for even more suggestions on other coloured eyes!

Best Colours to Complement Green Eyes

Glorious Green: Let Green Eyes Glow

Our Choice: National Gallery Monet's Water-Lily Pond Derby Adjustable Walking Stick

Glorious Green: Let Green Eyes Glow

Green Walking Sticks are a brilliant way of enhancing the green in your outfits and, in this case, your eyes! 

  • Walking sticks with green flecks in them bring out other shades in green eyes. Choosing a green walking stick is therefore a brilliant way to emphasise this beautiful feature, rather than detract from it. For more options, why not check out our range of Green Patterned Walking Sticks?
  • A green on green look creates a charming, organic feel, perfect for a walk in the woods or anywhere in nature. Perfect for adding a more organic twist to more curated outfits, a green walking stick can relax outfits for that effortlessly chic look.

Ocean Blue Bliss: For a Harmonious Addition to Green Eyes

Our Choice: Adjustable Aluminium Derby Walking Stick with Seaside Design

Ocean Blue Bliss: For a Harmonious Addition to Green Eyes

According to colour theory, colours next to each other on the colour wheel are the most 'harmonious'. One of the best ways to enhance green eyes then is with Blue Walking Sticks, which bring out any cooler tones within your eyes for added depth.

  • The combination of blue and green can create a natural look reminiscent of days on the beach, or by the seaside. To create a relaxed, sunny vibe for any outfit, Blue Patterned Walking Sticks are also a brilliant option, since they add an element of intrigue while still drawing attention to your own gorgeous eyes.
  • Ocean blue is a rich, deep colour, adding a pop of vibrancy to more demure outfits, suitable for any occasion.

Amethyst Majesty: To Bring out Jewel-Toned Eyes

Our Choice: Height-Adjustable Sassy Purple Engraved Derby Walking Stick

Amethyst Majesty: To Bring out Jewel-Toned Eyes

You can never go wrong with a jewel-toned walking stick, particularly with our range of Amethyst Walking Sticks. Deep green, purple, red, yellow and blue are all known as jewel-tones – so the combination of a rich amethyst with sea-green eyes creates the ultimate regal look to make this feature pop.

  • Add a touch of royalty to your getup with our selection of Purple Walking Sticks. Fit for royalty, these designs offer sophistication and style wherever you are.
  • Purple and green are almost directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, which is also why they look so fabulous together.

Magical Metallic: For Making Your Outfit and Eyes Sparkle

Our Choice: Silver Lamé Derby Cane

Magical Metallic: For Making your Outfit and Eyes Sparkle

Let your eyes (and outfit) twinkle with our range of Metallic Walking Sticks. Green eyes come in a variety of shades, and they can appear warmer or cooler depending on how you style them: meaning they look brilliant with Gold Walking Sticks, Silver Walking Sticks and Bronze Walking Sticks

  • Create a luxurious and eye-catching effect with metallic walking sticks: adding the perfect pop of glam for a party or night on the town.
  • You can add as little or as much sparkle as you want, and according to the formality of the event. For less formal occasions, try a metallic handle walking stick, and for more fancy scenarios, consider a very sparkly walking stick.

Ruby Red Romance: To Contrast Green Eyes 

Red and green should never be seen – unless it's green eyes and a red walking stick! This combination is impeccably stylish and daring, perfect for those of you wanting to have all eyes on you. 

  • Red Walking Sticks are a brilliant way of exuding confidence wherever you go, which is only heightened when you have contrasting green eyes. Red walking sticks and green eyes are therefore a brilliant combination for making a bold statement wherever you are in the world.
  • Red and green are opposite each other on the colour wheel, making this combination a guaranteed winner! For a slightly more paired back look why not try a Burgundy Walking Stick to enhance those jewel-tones while still letting green eyes sparkle.

Pretty in Pink: For a Fun and Flirty Look

Pink, being a lighter version of red, always looks fantastic when paired with rich emerald green eyes. The two combined create a romantic playfulness suitable for a number of occasions, including valentine's day, weddings, and on any date night.

  • Whether you're pairing a more pastel pink with green eyes or a vibrant hot pink, this colour complements all green tones, ensuring that you'll look fabulous with any of our Pink Walking Sticks.
  • For a more subtle pairing, try a pink handle walking stick, rather than a totally pink walking stick. This adds a pop of intrigue that doesn't overwhelm your outfit, while letting your eyes still do all the talking.

A Final Word

So, why these colours, you ask? Each recommendation is carefully curated to enhance the natural beauty of green eyes. Whether through harmonious blending or striking contrast, these walking stick colours were chosen to make your green eyes pop and shine.

Whether you're strolling through a park, hitting the city streets, or simply enjoying the outdoors, remember that your walking stick can be a stylish accessory that enhances your unique features. Choose a colour that resonates with your style and watch those green eyes light up with confidence!

Do you have any other questions, or something to add? You can leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, or find us on TikTokTwitterFacebook, Instagram and Youtube!