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Walking Sticks to Complement Blue Eyes

Mobility aids shouldn't just help you to move around, they should add style, glamour and sophistication to your outfits too! In today's blog, we'll give you our top walking sticks for those of you with azure eyes, so that you can feel confident in your walk wherever you are. 

The fabulous thing about Walking Sticks to Complement Blue Eyes is that they'll be timeless to you: your eyes aren't going to change, meaning these suggestions will be forever stylish. So buckle up and keep reading to find the best walking sticks and canes for your eye colour.

Best Colours to Complement Your Eyes

Chic Champagne: Ideal for Lovers of Neutral Colours

Our Choice: Acrylic Derby Champagne Hardwood Walking Stick

Chic Champagne: For Letting Your Eyes Sing

This light, neutral colour is a great choice for any eye colour, but it's especially flattering for blue eyes, drawing attention to them and letting them stand out.

Sophisticated and elegant, Champagne Walking Sticks offer a touch of glamour wherever you are in the world -whether that's relaxing at home, or on a night on the town with your girlfriends. Champagne features several subtle tones, making it a brilliant way to dress up or down. This is a colour that matches quite literally any outfit - so a champagne walking stick is a guaranteed win!

Deep Navy: Provides a Bold Accessory

Our Choice: Navy Blue Adjustable Walking Stick

Deep Navy: For Adding Richness to Your Eyes

A darker colour like navy can add depth and definition to blue eyes, making lighter blue eyes pop and darker blue eyes even richer.

Navy Walking Sticks are a fantastic choice for formal occasions and fancy parties! If you need a glamorous accessory to add support and style to your wardrobe, then navy walking sticks and navy canes are a great shout. Navy mobility aids are fantastic for everyday wear if you want to make a statement. With their vibrant, rich deep blue hue, this choice of walking stick colour says confidence and class.

Rich Ruby Red: To Warm Up Cool Blue Eyes 

Our Choice: Red Ash Cane with Derby Handle and Chrome Collar

Rich Ruby Red: To Warm Up Cool Blue Eyes

Red and blue are a fantastic combination and deep reds like crimson, ruby and scarlet, add a rich warmth to this cooler-toned eye colour.

This rich, warm colour is another great option for blue eyes, which can, when styled wrong, feel a little frosty. Our range of Ruby Walking Sticks adds a jewel-toned element for added depth to suit any outfit. Ruby red is a slightly more unusual colour, without looking strange or being hard to pair with clothing. Versatile and easy to style, this colourway could be paired with oranges, yellows and browns, or even an occasional green for a Christmassy feel or daring colour combination!

Rose Gold: To Contrast Ocean Eyes

Our Choice: Pink and White Floral Extending Petite Walking Cane

Rose Gold: To Contrast Ocean Eyes

This feminine and elegant colour is perfect for blue eyes with a hint of green or hazel, since pink and green are opposite on the colour wheel. 

Rose gold adds a flirty, feminine touch to any outfit, making it a fantastic choice for livening up darker blue eye colours, or for committing to a super girly look! Our Rose Gold Walking Sticks add a touch of glamour to more relaxed outfits – we'd recommend this type of walking stick to anyone needing an accessory to add a little pop of colour to your everyday outfit. 

Vibrant Teal: Complement Turquoise Eyes

Our Choice: Height-Adjustable Mini Folding Peacock Patterned Derby Walking Stick 

Vibrant Teal: Complement Turquoise Eyes

A vibrant colour like teal can really make blue eyes pop – whether your eyes are more of a turquoise, grey or icy blue colour. For warmer blue eyes, teal compliments greener tones, while for more grey-blue eyes, this tone adds warmth and softens out extremely light blue eyes.

Teal is a very vibrant and exciting colour, making it a popular choice amongst confident individuals who want to be noticed! It's also a very 'summery' colour, so if you want a design that gets you noticed, Teal Walking Sticks are a great way of doing just that. Teal also brightens up darker outfits, meaning that if you're wearing a rather serious-looking ensemble, a teal cane could stop things feeling gloomy.

Rustic Brown Wood: For a Timeless Twist

Our Choice: Ladies' Hardwood Derby Handle Walking Stick

Rustic Brown Wood: For a Timeless Twist

A classic and timeless colour like brown is is always a good choice for people with blue eyes. Perfect for letting your eyes take centre stage, our range of Wood Grain Walking Sticks let you shine, while still looking spectacular themselves too!

Wooden Walking Sticks add a rustic charm to dressier looks, keeping you smart without being over dressed for more formal occasions. They're brilliantly versatile: with options that are more or less smart, so you can stay sharp at any event. Wood designs match any outfit, since they are normally a neutral colour, this makes it a strong choice for anyone needing a walking stick. You can't go wrong with this classic design!

Our Final Word

Walking sticks are a brilliant way to not only help you move more: they should add confidence when you're out and about, while acting as a fashion accessory to show the world who you are! We have a huge range of options to suit absolutely anyone, and we hope today's blog helped you understand what walking stick would best suit your eye colour. 

Do you have any other questions, or something to add? You can leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, or find us on TikTokFacebook, Instagram and YouTube!