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Walking Sticks to Complement Black Hair

If you use a mobility aid regularly, whether that's a walking stick or cane, you need to know how to pair it with your clothes and your hair! In today's blog we'll explore the best Walking Sticks to Complement Black Hair so that you can stay looking sharp and feeling confident, wherever you go.

Walking sticks don't just help you to get around - they can be a fabulous fashion accessory too! If you're rocking gorgeous ebony locks, we've got some sensational colour suggestions to help you stand out. No more blending into the crowd – let's make a statement!

Best Colours to Complement Black Hair

Bombshell in Black: For a Cohesive Look

Our Choice: Folding Adjustable Orthopaedic Black Floral Walking Cane

Bombshell in Black: For a Cohesive Look

If you're looking for a timeless choice, you can't go wrong with a sleek, jet-black walking stick. If you want to add a touch more intrigue to your look, consider going for a Patterned Black Walking Stick with a funky pattern or finish to spice up your outfit.

  • This elegant option perfectly complements your black hair, creating a harmonious and polished appearance. It's like a match made in style heaven!
  • The deep black hue adds an air of sophistication to your ensemble, effortlessly elevating your entire look.

Radiant Ruby Red: To Spice up Simple Outfits

Our Choice: Adjustable Birlwood Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick

Radiant Ruby Red: To Spice up Simple Outfits

For a bold and sassy statement, consider a vibrant ruby Red Walking Stick. This fiery colour beautifully contrasts with your black tresses, creating a striking visual impact.

  • This confident and daring choice screams style and sass, making it a great walking stick for valentine's day, birthdays and special occasions.
  • Dare to stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching colour combo, which is sure to catch everyone's attention.

Enchanting Emerald Green: For Natural Charm

Our Choice: Tropicana Parrot Derby Walking Cane

Enchanting Emerald Green: For Natural Charm

Inject a dose of nature-inspired charm into your look with an emerald green walking stick. This is a classic colour combo that's guaranteed to have you looking regal and rustic: making it an unusual walking stick that works with any outfit.

  • Rich green shades harmonise exquisitely with black hair, evoking a sense of enchantment and elegance.
  • Green and black together are both timeless and on-trend, making you feel like the queen of the fashion jungle!

Royal Purple Majesty: For a Timeless Touch

Our Choice: Ash Purple Derby Handle Dress Walking Stick

Royal Purple Majesty: For a Timeless Touch

Purple reigns supreme when it comes to adding a touch of regal flair to your ensemble. We have a huge range of Purple Walking Sticks to help you be the queen that you are, so you can continue to look regal wherever you are.

  • A royal purple walking stick exudes a sense of grandeur and luxury that pairs beautifully with black hair. Purple Walking Sticks are a brilliant choice for fancy walking sticks for ladies.
  • It's a combination fit for a fashion queen, giving you an air of sophistication and grace that's truly captivating.

Serene in Cream: For a Classic Colour Contrast

Our Choice: Acrylic Derby Champagne Hardwood Walking Stick

Serene in Cream: For a Classic Colour Contrast

If you're looking for a lighter option that complements your black locks with finesse, opt for a Cream Walking Stick. This creates a super-chic monochromatic look, for a contemporary pop for any event.

  • A Cream Walking Stick creates the perfect contrast for black hair, drawing attention to your darker features and letting your hair sing.
  • This is the best choice for those needing a subtle yet stylish accessory that screams style and class. If you need something a little more intricate in detail and pattern, why not try our range of Patterned Cream Walking Sticks?

Dashing Deep Blue: Bring Out Cool Tones in Your Hair

Our Choice: Butterflies Animal Friends Derby Adjustable Walking Stick

Dashing Deep Blue: Bring Out Cool Tones in Your Hair

For a touch of mystery and depth, a deep blue walking stick is your go-to option. This looks even more fantastic if you have blue eyes too, for a stick to make your natural beauty shine.

  • The rich, velvety blue pairs remarkably well with black hair, creating contrast while keeping things casual and paired-back.
  • This colour combination exudes confidence and creativity, making a strong fashion statement wherever you go. Check out our huge range of Blue Walking Sticks for even more designs.

A Final Word

Walking sticks are a brilliant way to not only help you move more: they should add confidence when you're out and about, while acting as a fashion accessory to show the world who you are! We have a huge range of options to suit absolutely anyone, and we hope today's blog helped you understand what walking stick would best suit your gorgeous black mane. 

Do you have any other questions, or something to add? You can leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, or find us on TikTokTwitterFacebook, Instagram and YouTube!