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Our Best Spooky Walking Sticks for Halloween 2024

A long, long time ago, it was believed that the veil between the dead and the living was at its thinnest on the 31st of October. It was on All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as we know it now, that the spirits who had died that year would return, looking for living bodies to possess. Terrified villagers would dress up in ghoulish costumes, either to scare the spirits away, or to trick them into thinking that they where a spirit themselves.

Complete your Halloween Costume!
Look the part at Halloween with a spooky Halloween cane!

Some still swear by this ancient tradition, and when the nights start to draw in they'll take it as a sign that it's time to reach for their most haunted mask. If this rings true for you, then we have plenty of walking sticks, canes and staffs that will make your spooky Halloween outfit complete. Below are our carefully chosen walking sticks so terrifying they'll ward off any ghost!

Our Favourite Halloween Walking Sticks

Some Sticks Worth Highlighting...

Our Most Chilling Skull Walking Stick

Imitation Ivory Skull CaneSkulls are synonymous with Halloween, and this skull-handled Imitation Ivory Skull Cane could scare guests at any party and event. The skull is perfect for getting into theme, and the handle could fool anyone into thinking that it is real. It's that realistic, you could even turn the lights out, and it'll look like the skull is floating in mid-air!

Go Gothic with Our Adjustable Cartoon Stick

Cartoon Skulls Derby Adjustable Folding Walking StickSticking with skulls, the Cartoon Skulls Derby Adjustable Folding Walking Stick is a lightweight folding walking cane that is perfect for any spooky-themed party with an entire shaft decorated in skulls. The creepy decorations are ideal for anyone who has a fascination for the macabre. Although scary in nature, the stick still provides the same support and usability as any bestselling walking stick.

Drink Moloko Plus with Our Clockwork Orange Staff

Chestnut Walking Staff with BarkGo down to the Korova Milk Bar and drink some Milk Plus with the Chestnut Walking Staff. Alex DeLarge, the terrifying sociopath of A Clockwork Orange, is seen donning a white body suit and a wooden staff in the film, before undertaking his "ultra violent" rampages. This staff lets you complete the Clockwork Orange look, with chestnut, dark wood grain bark design looking exactly like the staff seen in the movies.

Stand Out with Our Scary Bat Themed Stick

Cartoon Bats Derby Adjustable Folding Walking StickThe Cartoon Bats Derby Adjustable Folding Walking Stick lets you stand out from the crowd, with the haunted bat, tree and star themed design helping you scare the rest of the guests at the party. The purple background adds a touch of style to the stick, while the comfortable, easy-to-carry adjustable features is perfect for lasting through the night. Don't just use this stick at a party, you can use it when out and about too, letting everyone know that you're in the Halloween spirit.

Play Detective with Our Sherlock Holmes Stick

Sherlock Holmes Collectors' Walking StickWith the Sherlock Holmes Collectors' Walking Stick you can play detective, dressing up as Sherlock Holmes and helping to solve a grisly murder. Be different from everyone else at the party, with this elegant cane that that is made using the finest beech wood and resin. This handle adds a touch of individuality, proving different from everyone else and helping you to complete your Halloween outfit.

Spook Your Friends and Family

Halloween is only around the corner, and you're running out of time to put your outfit together. If you'd like some more inspiration, then we would recommend that you take a quick look at our Staff Handle, and Novelty Handling Walking Sticks categories.

Do you have a Halloween stick that you have your eyes on? Leave a comment below, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!