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How to Make Your Home Mobility Friendly

When the topic of mobility issues comes up, more often than not those who have never had to deal with such a problem immediately think of wheelchair use. But when you're still very much capable of walking, or if you simply find it a bit harder to get up than you did a couple of years back, you know that having mobility issues is in no way related solely to wheelchair use.

Happy Elderly Couple with Walking Stick

Most often having something to hold onto when getting up, or a walking stick to lean on when your legs feel tired can be enough to help you maintain your full independence. With minor improvements, you can turn your house into a mobility friendly home in no time, minimising the risk of accidents to enjoy a comfortable, independent lifestyle for years to come.

Step Confidently from the Shower

Regardless of whether or not you're suffering from mobility issues, the bathroom is one of the most at-risk areas in any home. The bathtub or shower is always slippery, and getting up from the toilet is not as easy as it once was.

Moen Elegance Grab Bar with Grip PadA grab rail can do a world of difference in those moments when you need to hold onto something in case those tricky tiles do make you slip. This Moen Elegance Grab Bar can be placed anywhere in the house, but is especially well-suited for the bathroom. It comes in two different finishes, brushed nickel and chrome, so you can pick the one that will look most natural in your bathroom, while the choice of two lengths is perfect if you need one next to the toilet, and one in the shower.

Key Features: Ideal for slippery areas; choose from two finishes for a discreet look; available in two lengths to suit your needs

Climb Steps with Ease

Climbing flights of stairs is never the easiest task in the world, but when you're suffering from mobility issues, steps are without a doubt one of the biggest challenges you need to overcome on a daily basis. If you don't have a step-free home, it's important to make sure you stay safe when climbing stairs by yourself.

GripSure Grab RailFor those who need support that is close at hand, this GripSure Grab Rail offers a great solution. One of the greatest benefits of this rail is its ability to be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally, depending on the specific need. This means you can have rails installed in that exact spot where you know you always need to hold onto something to help you take the next step.

Key Features: Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally; stylish and subtle design; offer excellent grip

Always Rely on Your Walking Stick

A walking stick is one of the most versatile, discreet and practical mobility aids out there, and it should be your first choice when thinking of ways to improve your independence. We assume you already have a sturdy, reliable everyday walking stick to use around the house, in which case you might want to consider further improving the overall quality of your walking stick use.

Reflective Folding Tabletop Walking Stick HolderWalking stick holders are an elegant solution for putting down your walking stick when you don't need it, while still keeping it close at hand. This Reflective Folding Tabletop Walking Stick Holder is designed specifically for horizontal surfaces, which means you can sit at the dining room table and keep your cane at hand's reach for when you need to get back up.

Key Features: Designed for tabletop use; can be folded up the shaft of the walking stick when not in use

Make Your Home Safe and Comfortable

Getting out of bed, slipping in the bathroom and climbing the stairs are three of the biggest difficulties those with mobility issues, however small, are facing on a daily basis. If you're one of them, make sure to make your home more suitable for your specific needs, and enjoy your independence.

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