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How to Accessorise Emerald Jewellery with a Walking Stick

Emeralds, with their mesmerising green hues, are a symbol of beauty and elegance in the world of jewellery. These radiant gems possess the power to transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Today, we embark on a fashion adventure, exploring why emerald jewellery seamlessly harmonises with walking sticks of various captivating colours, from ruby to funky.

Keep reading to find the best Walking Sticks to Accessorise Emerald Jewellery. We'll provide a huge range of walking sticks varying in colour, pattern and style, so that you're sure to find your dream design in no time! 

Best Styles For Emerald Jewellery

Radiant Ruby: For Gemstone Glamour at Any Event!

Our Choice: Ruby Red Derby Handle Dress Cane

Radiant Ruby: For Gemstone Glamour at Any Event!

The lush green of emeralds beautifully contrasts with the deep red of Ruby Walking Sticks, creating a captivating visual balance that enchants the eye.

The combination of emeralds and rubies represents an eternal elegance that transcends time, making it suitable for both vintage-inspired and modern ensembles.

  • This pairing exudes a sense of regal romance, reminiscent of classic tales of love and passion. It's perfect for special occasions and intimate soirées.

Glorious Gold: For Regal Radiance

Our Choice: Gold Coloured Skull Beech-Wood Black Walking Cane

Glorious Gold: For Regal Radiance

Emeralds' green and gold's opulence create a luxurious liaison that epitomises richness and grandeur. Gold Walking Sticks are therefore the perfect choice for lavish events and gala affairs.

The fusion of emeralds and gold is a true representation of the Midas touch, ensuring that you stand out like a gilded goddess in any crowd.

  • This pairing radiates a sophisticated shine that's versatile enough to complement both formal and casual looks, adding a touch of opulence to your everyday style.

Blossoming Beauty: For a Pretty Walking Stick 

Emeralds effortlessly harmonise with the vibrant and intricate patterns of Floral Walking Sticks, creating an ensemble that celebrates the beauty of nature.

The combination of emeralds and florals evokes a romantic reverie that's perfect for weddings, garden parties, and other romantic occasions.

  • Wear this pairing when you want to exude fresh elegance, embracing the charm of botanical motifs and the timeless allure of emeralds.

Dramatic and Classic: For a Timeless Look to Rock Anywhere

Our Choice: Exotic Ebony, Maple and Padouk Derby Cane

Dramatic and Classic: For a Timeless Look to Rock Anywhere

The deep green of emeralds contrasts strikingly with the sleekness of Black Walking Sticks, creating an ensemble with contrasting charisma that's edgy yet sophisticated.

Emeralds and black achieve monochrome magic, a sleek and contemporary look that embodies minimalistic elegance and modern glamour.

  • This pairing is perfect for nighttime events and urban adventures, ensuring you exude an air of mysterious allure and sophistication.

Earthy Elegance: For Stylish, Sustainable Support

Our Choice: Anatomical Wood-Effect Hardwood Walking Stick

Earthy Elegance: For Stylish, Sustainable Support

Emeralds beautifully complement the warmth of Wooden Walking Sticks, creating an ensemble that exudes earthy elegance and a connection to the natural world.

The fusion of emeralds and wood brings forth a rustic, down-to-earth charm that's perfect for countryside outings and casual strolls.

  • This pairing embraces sustainability and eco-conscious fashion, celebrating the beauty of natural materials while adding a touch of sophistication.

Punchy Patterns: To Show off Your Personality

Our Choice: Crazy Cats Animal Friends Derby Adjustable Walking Stick

Punchy Patterns: To Show off Your Personality

Emeralds' green pairs playfully with the bold and vibrant designs of Funky Walking Sticks, resulting in a look that's both whimsical and versatile. 

This combination allows you to express your eclectic and creative side, showcasing your unique personality through your fashion choices.

  • Wear emerald jewellery with Funky Walking Sticks for a fashion-forward artistic adventure that celebrates individuality and breaks free from conventions.

Our Final Word

Emerald jewellery, with its enchanting green allure, effortlessly enhances the charm of walking sticks in ruby, gold, floral, black, wood, and funky designs. These pairings showcase the versatility of emeralds in the world of fashion, creating looks that are opulent, contemporary, artistic, and adventurous. Let your personal style shine with these captivating combinations as you embark on a journey of fashion and self-expression.

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