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How to Accessorise a Black Suit with a Walking Stick

Black suits are a classic design: they scream style and sophistication, and are the best way to keep you looking super smart at work, black tie events and just about anywhere you need to dress to impress! It's therefore essential to know How to Accessorise a Black Suit with a Walking Stick if you want to make a good impression. So stick around for the rest of this blog, and by the end you'll find a suit and stick match made in heaven!

Today, we're diving into the world of timeless elegance and impeccable style – pairing walking sticks with the classic black suit. We know you want to stand out in a crowd, so let's explore some fantastic colour suggestions that will have you turning heads at any event. 

Best Colours For Black Suits

Classic Black: A Colour You Can't Go Wrong With

Our Choice: Adjustable Folding Black Derby Handle Walking Stick

Classic Black: A Colour You Can't Go Wrong With

When it comes to a black suit, you can't go wrong with a classic Black Walking Stick. This colour choice offers a sleek and sophisticated look, creating a monochromatic ensemble that's both timeless and refined. It's a match made in style heaven! 

Navy Blue Elegance: For a Subtle Pop of Colour

Our Choice: Drive Medical Blue Ice Patterned Folding Walking Cane with Strap

Navy Blue Elegance: For a Subtle Pop of Colour

Navy Blue Walking Sticks add a touch of depth and richness to your black suit. This colour not only complements the dark tones of your suit but also adds a dash of elegance. It's a choice that screams sophistication and versatility. 

  • Navy blue adds depth and richness to your black suit, making a subtle statement that's impossible to ignore. For a more formal look, try Walking Sticks with Derby Handles for a more traditional style.
  • This rich, deep blue is brilliant for wearing round the clock, for effortless transitions from daytime meetings to evening soirées. Check out our range of Blue Walking Sticks and Blue Mixed Colour Walking Sticks for slightly more dramatic navy designs. 

Burgundy Bliss: Add a Pop of Passion to Black Suits

Our Choice: Gents' Beech Derby Burgundy Walking Stick with Spiral

Burgundy Bliss: Add a Pop of Passion to Black Suits

Burgundy Walking Sticks add a daring flair to classic black suits, while keeping things classy of course. A deep rich port, maroon or Ruby Walking Stick can match black suits brilliantly if you have a similar coloured tie or pocket square. Keep things cohesive with a similar coloured walking stick or cane and you can't go wrong!

  • Burgundy creates a captivating contrast with a black suit, making a stylish statement that's perfect for those who dare to stand out. For an even more daring walking stick, why not check out our range of Red Walking Sticks?
  • This rich hue radiates charm and charisma, making it an excellent choice for adding a dash of personality to your ensemble.

Traditional Oak: For A British Twist

Our Choice: Oak Derby Cane with Silver Plated Collar

Traditional Oak: For A British Twist

Oak Walking Sticks look beautiful with any outfit, due to their neutrality and colour variations. They're brilliantly British, making them a real standout piece if you're going to a traditional wedding, date night, or generally fancy occasion. Plus, when paired with a black suit, they add a classic twist that you simply can't go wrong with: making them a walking stick that can be worn at any time, any place, for any event.

  • Oak is a slightly warmer coloured walking stick, adding depth and dimension to dark black suits. This stops your overall look from being overly serious or drab, achieving an effortlessly chic and well-put-together look.
  • Wooden Walking Sticks offer seasonal versatility, making both Light Wood Walking Sticks and Dark Wood Walking Sticks designs to last a lifetime. They transition perfectly from spring to winter, keeping you dapper all year-round.    

Olive Green: For a Natural yet Smart Look

Our Choice: Olive Green Melbourne Derby Walking Cane 

Olive Green: For a Natural yet Smart Look

As we know, green creates a calming, relaxing effect on people, which is all the more reason to pair it with a formal black suit. Our range of Green Walking Sticks provide a more rustic feel traditional outfits, making them a brilliant accessory at weddings, parties and work events. 

  • Olive green provides an unexpected and stylish twist to your black suit, harmonizing nature's hues with your tailored elegance. For more funky green walking sticks, check out our range of Patterned Green Walking Sticks.
  • This earthy colour choice offers a sense of tranquility and style, ideal for those who appreciate a touch of the outdoors in their look. If you want more nature-inspired walking sticks, why not browse our selection of Rustic Walking Sticks?

Bold in Brass: For a Subtle Shimmer

Our Choice: Brass Crutch Handle Boxwood Collectors' Walking Stick

Bold in Brass: For a Subtle Shimmer

Brass exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, and when paired with a black suit, this creates a look that is totally flawless and suitable for even the most sophisticated occasions. We have a huge range of Brass Walking Sticks designed to add a touch of glam and sophistication to any outfit, keeping you looking as classy as possible.

  • Historically, brass has been associated with prestige and luxury. Incorporating it into your walking stick handle suggests a level of affluence and discernment, enhancing your image as a person of taste and refinement.
  • The warm, golden tones of brass create a striking yet balanced contrast with the deep, dark hue of a black suit. This contrast highlights both the sleekness of the suit and the exquisite craftsmanship of the walking stick, making it an eye-catching accessory. Check out our range of Glamorous Walking Sticks for even more eye-catching designs.

Our Final Word

There you have it, the ultimate guide to selecting the perfect walking stick colour for your black suit. Each recommendation offers its unique charm and flair, allowing you to express your style and personality while maintaining the impeccable elegance of a black suit.  

Do you have any other questions, or something to add? You can leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, or find us on TikTokFacebook, Instagram and YouTube!