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Best Winter Country Sticks

Chilly winter days mean different things to different people. While some love cuddling in front of a fireplace, enjoying the feeling of being snowed in, some of us can't wait to get wrapped up in warm clothes, step outside and go for a long walk in the countryside. If you are a hiker who can't imagine staying in for months on end, you know how important it is to use proper gear when walking in the snow.

Whether you use a walking stick throughout the year, or only need an extra hand when the ground gets really slippery, our list of Best Winter Country Sticks is here to inspire you in your search for the perfect hiking companion. Take a look below at our best sticks this year.

Chestnut Bark Hiking Staff

Chestnut Bark Walking Staff with CompassThis traditional staff features a handy compass in the top, making it useful for a good hike in more ways than one. The classic staff shape makes it comfortable to grip, while the wrist strap makes it perfect for any serious hiker. If you are looking for an attractive, natural-looking staff with all the features of the best winter country sticks at a very affordable price, the Chestnut Bark Walking Staff with Compass is here just for you.

Key Features: 54" (137cm); staff handle; alpine ferrule; brown wrist strap

Staghorn Three-Section Hazel Thumbstick

Staghorn Three-Section Hazel ThumbstickIf you love extra-long hiking sticks, the Staghorn Three-Section Hazel Thumbstick is exactly what you've been looking for. To make your life easier, this hiking stick can easily be dismantled into three parts when you need to pack it up or store it away. The eye-catching thumbstick handle is made from natural antlers and provides comfortable support and balance for your hand. Just as the Hiking Staff mentioned above, this Thumbstick comes with a rubber-spike ferrule and a practical wrist strap.

Key Features: 63" (160cm); thumbstick handle; rubber-spike ferrule; leather wrist strap; can be dismantled into three parts

Red Folding Hiking Pole

Red Folding Hiking PoleSometimes a folding hiking stick is just what you need to save some space when travelling by car or even by aeroplane to get to your hike. Just as the Trekking Pole mentioned above, the Red Folding Hiking Pole can easily be adjusted in height, and comes with a rubber-spike ferrule and a black wrist strap. The handle, however, is a classic staff shape, while the pole can be folded to approximately 43cm (17") in length.

Key Features: Adjustable from 45" to 49" (115 - 125cm); staff handle; rubber-spike ferrule; black wrist strap; folds into four parts

Adjustable Green Explorer Supaseat Seat Stick

Adjustable Green Explorer Supaseat Seat StickWhile slightly unusual in appearance, the Adjustable Green Explorer Supaseat Seat Stick can actually come in very handy when all of a sudden you feel you need a rest in the middle of the cold and wet wilderness. Along with its clever handle that can turn into an emergency seat, the Adjustable Seat Stick also features a classic spike ferrule, ideal for soft and frozen surfaces, and includes a plate on the side of the shaft at the bottom, ensuring the stick won't sink too deeply into the ground.

Key Features: Adjustable from 33" to 40" (94 - 102cm); seat handle; great alternative to sitting on the ground; spike ferrule

What is a Rubber-Spike Ferrule?

While a spiked metal ferrule is essential for all winter country sticks, the rubber-spike ferrule, also known as a combi ferrule, provides a clever alternative to this crucial feature. A combi ferrule means that there is a rubber ferrule fitted over a metal spiked one, allowing the stick to be safely used on both hard and soft surfaces and making it ideal for diverse hiking terrain.

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