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Best Walking Sticks to Impress Your Spouse this Valentine's Day

You've done it all before: dressed up in a suit and tie; brought flowers and chocolates; organised a romantic day out. Chances are, you're looking for that brand new edge that will impress your spouse this Valentine's Day. If this is the case, why not take a leaf out of the Victorian gentleman's book and add a walking stick to your outfit?

At, we've got the perfect item to wow your partner. Find out more by reading our blog!

How Can I Wow My Spouse This Valentine's Day?

Make a Great Impression on Valentine's Day by Bringing a Formal Cane to Dinner

We understand that you want to make Valentine's Day perfect for your loved one. After all, the day's a celebration of your love and your time together. But if you always wear that same suit on special occasions (you know the one we're talking about), it's probably lost some of its appeal.

If this is the case, we've got the perfect accessory for you: a formal cane. Simply using this accessory will make you feel like a gentleman. Take a look at our recommendations below.

A Distinguished Accessory

In the Victorian times, fashionable gentlemen wouldn't be seen leaving their house without a formal cane on their hand. In more recent years, the walking stick has become a more common fashion accessory with international appeal. At, we have an abundance of choice for those who are interested in using a beautiful cane while they're attending a range of events, from proms to evening events.

So what better accessory is there than the cane to complete your outfit on Valentine's Day? Take a look at the sticks below to see what we have on offer for this special day.

Knob Handled Hardwood Tippling Cane

Knob Handled Hardwood Tippling CaneIf you want to be the smoothest man alive on Valentine's Day, the Knob Handled Hardwood Tippling Cane is perfect for you. Crafted with a hidden compartment, this stick hides a whole flask with the capacity of 50ml in its shaft.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to toast your relationship with your spouse on the big day! You might get an eye roll, but we're sure your partner will be secretly impressed.

Key Features: Includes a hidden flask; beautiful dark wooden grain

Chrome-Plated Capstick Handle Formal Cane

Chrome-Plated Capstick Handle Formal CaneIf you're planning on taking your partner out for a fancy meal, the Chrome-Plated Capstick Handle Formal Cane is a great stick for you. Despite its minimalist appearance, the cane has a matte black shaft and shiny silver handle.

Capstick handles are most known for their decorative appearance and the fact that they look great with formal clothes. The Chrome-Plated Formal Cane is no exception. Designed with an intricate pattern on its capstick, this stick is perfect for those who are wanting to stand out from surrounding couples.

Key Features: Beautiful capstick handle with an intricate design; minimalist but elegant appearance

Brass Crown Handle Boxwood Collectors' Walking Stick

Brass Crown Handle Boxwood Collectors' Walking StickThe Brass Crown Handle Boxwood Collectors' Walking Stick has been designed specifically to look good, and as you can see from the picture it definitely ticks this box. Designed to complement formal attire, the cane is perfect if you're wearing a fairly standard suit and want to impress with other aspects of your outfit.

Crafted with a boxwood shaft and crown-patterned handle, the Collectors' Walking Cane adds pure elegance to your outfit. Its patterned brass handle completes the stick's stunning appearance.

Key Features: Complements and completes formal attire; designed with a patterned capstick handle

Gents' Black Derby Cane with Swarovski Elements

Gents' Black Derby Cane with Swarovski ElementsIf you're looking for a stick that has been tastefully decorated, look no further than the Gents' Black Derby Cane with Swarovski Elements. Unlike previous sticks, this cane offers a medium level of support while also looking extremely handsome. This makes it ideal if you require a small amount of support but don't want to depend on your everyday stick on Valentine's Day.

Designed with an elegant black Derby handle, the cane looks incredibly classy. Its curved shape lends itself to being hooked over your arm when additional support isn't required and you need full use of your hands. Set with Swarovski Elements and white metal embellishments on the back of its handle, the Gents' Black Derby Cane will sparkle when it catches the light.

Key Features: Provides medium support; set with Swarovski Elements and other embellishments; elegant Derby handle

Silver-Plated Lion Cane

Silver-Plated Lion CaneIf you're trying to impress your date with your boldness, look no further than the Silver-Plated Lion Cane. When it comes to fancy walking sticks, this cane is the ultimate. Designed with a lion's head handle that's plated in silver and complemented with an elegant black shaft, the stick works wonderfully when you want to make a lasting impression.

With such an intricate handle, it's important that the formal cane's shaft doesn't overshadow the stick's look. The shaft of the Silver-Plated Lion Cane is perfectly understated. Made from hardwood that's been painted black, the walking stick is ideal for those who are looking for a smart cane to use in black tie restaurants.

Key Features: Novelty handle is plated in silver; ideal for black tie functions

Which cane are you planning to use for Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!