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Best Walking Sticks for Easter 2024

Whether you'll be spending your long Easter weekend taking leisurely strolls with the family, or enjoying quality time gathered around the table, a carefully chosen stick always makes you feel more confident, allowing you to enjoy this precious time even more. A walking stick is one of the few accessories that is as practical as it is stylish, and our selection of Easter canes is full of colourful suggestions that will perfectly complement any Easter outfit.

To give you as much choice as possible, we've collected some of our favourite and most popular sticks with Easter and spring-themed prints in this article. Have a browse of our selections, and see if any are right for your outfit!

Our Favourite Easter Walking Sticks

Favourite Sticks to Highlight

Tea Party Floral Derby

Derby Tea Party Extending Lavender Floral Patterned CaneYou can't go wrong with a traditional Derby cane in spring colours. The Derby Tea Party Extending Lavender Floral Patterned Cane is a sturdy, comfortable, and most importantly, very fashionable walking stick that will make sure you are well dressed on all occasions. If you're looking for an elegant yet cheerful accessory for an Easter brunch or casual family gathering, this walking stick will not disappoint.

Key Features: Adjustable from 77cm to 100cm; lightweight at 315 grams; comfortable plastic handle

Adjustable Floral Derby Cane

Adjustable Floral Walking Stick for EasterThe Adjustable Floral Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick is designed with a bright floral design that encapsulates the fresh feel of Easter and the spring season. It is made with a comfortable Derby handle and a lightweight aluminium shaft, making it comfortable to take on strolls through town for just about anyone. With a wrist cord and rubber ferrule, it's great for any sort of hard terrain like pavement or indoor flooring.

Key Features: Adjustable from 71 - 97cm; lightweight and comfortable in the hand; bright floral design

Folding Floral Derby

Adjustable Folding Elite Derby Handle Blue and Green Floral Walking StickIf you've been looking for an even more convenient accessory, the Adjustable Folding Elite Derby Handle Blue and Green Floral Walking Stick is the answer. Its height-adjustable shaft can be folded into four sections, which means you can easily store it in your bag or on a table beside you. Needless to say, both the handle and the shaft are printed with a holiday-themed pastel floral pattern that will instantly put you in the mood for Easter.

Key Features: Adjustable from 82cm to 92cm; folds into four sections; weighs 420 grams


Folding Easy-Joint Floral Cane

Petite Adjustable Folding Easy-Joint Cream Floral Walking CanePerfect for those with smaller hands, the Petite Adjustable Folding Easy-Joint Cream Floral Walking Cane features pink and yellow flowers with green leaves on a cream background, making it reminiscent of brightly-coloured Easter eggs. The height-adjustable aluminium shaft can be folded into four sections, each of which meet with end-to-end easy joints that can be easily altered even without much wrist strength.

Key Features: Adjustable from 77cm to 85cm; easy-joints make it comfortable even for weaker wrists; lightweight at 300 grams

Spring Into Easter with a Floral Stick!

With the spring season unfurling, it's a great time to announce your love for the time of year with a colourful Easter walking stick. Whether you're looking to express yourself with a striking colour, or celebrate your favourite bouquet with a charming pattern, we have plenty of options sure to be perfect for your outfit. If you'd like to see more of our ranges, check out the categories below.

Do you like to accessorise with a walking stick? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!