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Best Walking Sticks for Arthritis 2024

Suffering from arthritis and limited mobility can be a difficult combination of ailments to deal with. If you find that using a walking stick exacerbates pain and discomfort in your hands, you're most likely using the wrong type of handle.

So what type of handle can you use, and how much more comfortable will it really be to use? Find out which type of handle is best for arthritis by reading this article, where our walking stick experts have selected some of the best options around.

Which Handle Types Are Best for Arthritis?

Hand conditions like arthritis reduce the strength of your grip, so it's important that you choose a handle that's easy to hold and fits well in your hand. Ergonomic, Fischer, and relax-grip handles have been designed for exactly this purpose, taking the strain off your joints for a more comfortable grip. All three of these handle types are for orthopaedic use and have been crafted so they contour to your hand, allowing you to remain comfortable for longer periods of time. Most of these handles are designed to fit either your left or right hand, so make sure to choose the right version for you.

Fischer Handle Walking Sticks

Fischer handle canes are always at the top of our recommendation list for those with arthritis, as they're optimally designed to take pressure off the most painful parts of arthritic hands. They're contoured to spread weight across the palms, helping to reduce to strain on wrists, knuckles and fingers.

Ergonomic Handle Walking Sticks

While the Fischer handle can be considered an ergonomic handle, there are plenty of other ergonomic designs that help to reduce pain on arthritic hands. These canes feature moulded and contoured handles designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

Some Arthritis Walking Sticks Worth Highlighting

Best Versatile and Stylish Walking Stick for Arthritis

 Click here for the Left-Handed version

Why It's Our Pick: Fischer handle spreads weight across your palm; beautifully styled for all occasions

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Convenient and Foldable Arthritis Walking Stick

Why It's Our Pick: Folds into four sections; adjustable in height; Fischer handle spreads weight across your palm

Best Shock-Absorbing Walking Stick for Arthritis

Why It's Our Pick: Flexyfoot ferrule absorbs shock to prevent pain; oval handle is soft and ergonomic for improved comfort

Best Marble Effect Walking Stick for Arthritis

Click here for the Left-Handed Version

Why It's Our Pick: Fitted with a relax-grip handle for a perfect fit in the hand; smart design makes the stick suitable for daily use or formal gatherings

Best Walking Stick for Smaller Arthritic Hands

 Click here for the Left-Handed Version

Why It's Our Pick: Ergonomic handle is ideal for smaller hands with arthritis

Enjoy Your Support in Comfort

With these ergonomically-designed handles, arthritic hands will finally be able to remain comfortable while you enjoy the support you need. If you'd like to browse our entire range for yourself, take a look at our category of Walking Sticks for Arthritis Sufferers, where all handles are designed to be as comfortable and supportive as possible.

Have you purchased a stick that's helped reduce your arthritic pain? Let us know which one it was in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!