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Best Silver-Topped Canes 2024

A walking stick is more than just a walking aid – it is one of the oldest and, today as much as ever, one of the most popular fashion accessories that can make or break an outfit. If you're looking for a fashionable cane that will add a touch of elegance to your walk, there's no better choice than a silver-topped cane. Below you will find our top five walking sticks that have proven themselves to be a go-to choice for our customers time and time again.

Classic Capstick

Silver-Plated Twisted Cap CaneIf you like to play it safe, you can never go wrong with a silver-plated cap handle. The Silver-Plated Twisted Cap Cane features a unique handle with an appealing twisted design, and a durable wooden shaft that has been tapered for an even more stylish look. The wood is then lacquered a very shiny black for the truly glamorous appearance.

Key Features: 92cm; hardwood shaft; silver-plated handle; 340 grams


Bold Lion's Head

Silver-Plated Lion CaneWhile any silver-plated walking stick is bound to turn some heads, this Silver-Plated Lion Cane is still one of the most breathtaking evening canes you'll ever come across. The silver-plated lion's head is beautifully detailed, with a magnificent mane and impressive canine teeth visible, while the gorgeous silver shine adds a final touch of glamour to this impressive stick.

Key Features: 92cm; hardwood shaft; silver-plated handle; 370 grams

Elegant and Practical

Pill Box Cane with Millefiori Murano Glass LidThe Pill Box Cane with Millefiori Murano Glass Lid is not just any other evening walking stick with a stunning handle. This jaw-dropping cane not only features a gorgeous lid decorated with millefiori "thousand flowers" Italian Murano glass, but hides a practical pill box inside the decorative handle. This is the ideal choice for any walking stick user with style, looking to get something extra from an elegant accessory.

Key Features: 92cm; stunning handle with hidden compartment; 255 grams

Eccentric Duck Cane

Silver-Plated Duck CaneA formal walking stick doesn't necessarily need to come with a silver-plated animal handle, but when it does, it's important the handle is crafted with attention to detail and a great sense of style. This Silver-Plated Duck Cane features a carefully detailed duck's head with a charming upturned bill that makes it convenient to hold.

Key Features: 92cm; silver-plated novelty handle; 360 grams

A Choice of Elegant Evening Canes

While a silver-topped cane is an excellent choice for an evening accessory, it's not your only option. Here at we offer a broad selection of formal canes, including brass-handle walking sticks, chrome-plated sticks, and even walking sticks featuring an imitation ivory handle.

Do you have a favourite silver-plated walking stick? Leave a comment below, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!

Silver-Plated Twisted Cap Cane

Silver-Plated Twisted Cap Cane

  • Durable and reliable hardwood shaft
  • Eye-catching twisted knob handle
  • Fitted with a stylish brass ferrule
  • Lacquered a very shiny black
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Gentlemen's Formal Black Hardwood Walking Cane with Silver-Plated Lion Head

  • Majestic silver lion's head handle
  • Ideal for collectors and special occasions
  • Durable black hardwood shaft
  • Smart chrome ferrule completes the formal look
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Pill Box Cane with Millefiori Murano Glass Lid

  • Supremely elegant pill box cane for users with style
  • Lid is decorated with Italian Murano glass in various colours
  • Hiding a practical pill box with three compartments
  • Hardwood shaft is fitted with a discreet, non-slip black ferrule
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Formal and Elegant Black Hardwood Walking Cane with Silver-Plated Duck Head

  • Whimsical duck head handle with upturned bill is comfortable to hold
  • Completes the look for a smart evening occasion
  • Black hardwood shaft for durability
  • Suitable for light balance and support
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