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Best Horse Head Walking Sticks

The long elegant nose of the horse fits nicely into the hand during a country walk, its ears flattened against your palm. This collection of horse head walking sticks is ideal to accompany any equestrian lover on a walk across green pasture or the cobbles of the stable yard. 

The horse has long been a symbol of universal freedom, due to the history of horseback riding. Let a horse-head cane imbue you with the same sense of endless possibility. 

Racehorse's Head Collector's Walking Stick

Racehorse's Head Collectors' Walking Stick

It's not guaranteed that you'll be moving as fast as an Ascot racehorse with the Racehorse's Head Collector's Walking Stick, but perhaps you'll get close! The handle is made from moulded resin and the shaft is damage-resistant turned stained beech wood. 

Key Features: Ideal to take to the races; moulded resin handle; damage-resistant beech wood


Horse's Head Collectors' Walking Stick

Horse's Head Collectors' Walking StickThe wood grain pattern on the resin handle of the Horse's Head Collectors' Walking Stick gives it an organic and lively feel, and you can almost imagine it moving under your hand. The shaft is made from high-quality solid beech. 

Key Features: Ideal for a country stroll; solid beech handle; wood grain pattern

Silver-Plated Two Horse Cane

Silver-Plated Two Horse CaneThe Silver-Plated Two Horse Cane has a unique and eye-catching design. There is something mythical about the two silver-plated horses, they might almost be the animals who pull the moon across the sky. 

Key Features: Italian hardwood shaft with a glamorous black lacquer; silver-plated handle


Hopefully these equestrian themed walking sticks have caught your fancy. If not we also have a variety of country walking sticks, or walking sticks for a day at the races

Which is your favourite horse head cane? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!