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Best Ebony Walking Sticks

With its fine texture and smooth finish, it's no wonder ebony wood is such a popular material for making accessories. In the walking stick world too, this type of wood is highly sought after as a result of its elegance.

Why Should I Choose Ebony?

Ebony isn't just a stunning type of wood; it's also incredibly dense and therefore highly durable. As a result of its denseness, the wood feels sturdy in your hands during use. When ebony wood is polished, it has a smooth appearance that makes it perfect for taking to formal events.

Buffalo Horn Derby Handle Ebony Cane

Buffalo Horn Derby Handle Ebony CaneThere's no other word for it: this Buffalo Horn Derby Handle Ebony Cane is sleek. If you're looking for a stick that's not made entirely of ebony, this one's for you. The combination of the buffalo horn handle and ebony shaft provides you with an elegant, all-black style that will work excellently with a range of formal outfits. Don't let its neutral black colour deceive you; this stick will be a hit with cane collectors.

This luxury stick is a wonderful fashion accessory that is topped off with an unusual but elegant Derby handle. This handle is slightly less curved in shape than most Derby handles, which makes it easier to grasp by those who have petite hands. Its design still lends itself well to being hooked over a table when you're dining out. This allows you to show off the cane's beautiful style even while you're talking with your friends or eating.

Key Features: Buffalo horn handle; ebony shaft; Derby handle is smaller for petite hands

Ebony Derby Cane with Pewter Collar

Ebony Derby Cane with Pewter CollarCombining a majestic ebony shaft and handle with a decorative pewter collar, the Ebony Derby Cane with Pewter Collar epitomises luxury, making it a unique and treasured addition to your wardrobe.

Ebony is incredibly dense and durable, which makes this cane not only easy on the eye, but practical and reliable as well. Made from the same fantastic material as the shaft, the classic Derby handle perfectly complements the sophisticated look of this walking stick. Fantastic to hold and very supportive, the Derby handle is fastened to the stick with a decorative pewter collar that accentuates the darkness of the ebony wood around it.

Key Features: Traditional Derby handle offers elegant support; decorative pewter collar accentuates the ebony wood

Ebony Derby Walking Stick

Extra Tall Ebony Derby Walking StickLast but most certainly not least, the Ebony Derby Walking Stick is as traditional as they get. Both the shaft and the handle are made from timeless ebony wood that gives it a unique charm and versatile appearance.

What's more, the Ebony Derby Walking Stick is available in three styles: Gents', Ladies' and Extra Tall. This way you can find your perfect iteration of this timeless fashion piece, without having to sacrifice comfort.

Key Features: Both handle and shaft are made from ebony wood; available in three styles

There you have it: our top walking stick picks that are made from ebony. If you're looking for beautiful style for formal events, these are excellent for you. Do you have a favourite style of cane or walking stick? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!