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Rollz Motion All-Terrain Pneumatic Tyres

Rollz Motion All-Terrain Pneumatic Tyres

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Rollz Motion All-Terrain Pneumatic Tyres

Providing greater tread depth, the Rollz Motion All-Terrain Pneumatic Tyres allows your rollator to drive more comfortably over rougher terrain. These larger, air-filled tyres improve shock absorption resulting in a smoother ride for both occupant and attendant.

What's Included?

  • 2 x Front Air Tyres
  • 2 x Rear Air Tyres
  • 1 x Air Pump

Key Features and Benefits

  • Four pneumatic air tyres offer a smoother ride
  • Greater tread depth for handling uneven terrain
  • Larger tyres increase shock absorption
  • Not to be used in combination with Rollz Motion Drag Brakes
  • Air pump comes included

Please note that this accessory has to be fitted by yourself or at a bike shop.

A More Versatile Rollator

The Rollz Motion All-Terrain Pneumatic Tyres turns your standard rollator into an off-road companion. The greater tread depth makes it easier to navigate through country parks, gravel pathways and sandy beaches, giving you the chance to reclaim a lost sense of adventure.

Improved Shock Absorption

Larger in size, the Rollz Pneumatic Tyres are much better at absorbing impacts along bumpy surfaces. The air-filled tyres further enhance the experience by providing exquisite comfort wherever your journey takes you.

Safety Information

It is advisable not to use the Rollz Motion All-Terrain Tyres in combination with the safety drag brakes that are also available for the Rollz Motion.

Compatible Products

The Rollz Motion Performance comes readily equipped with the all-terrain tyres. However, you can also use them to upgrade your Rollz Motion 2.1 or Rollz Motion Rhythm

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