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Rollz Motion 3-in-1 Cane Holder

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Rollz Motion 3-in-1 Cane Holder

The Rollz Motion Cane 3-in-1 rollator provides a convenient space to hold your wheelchair package, cane and shopping bags. Two intuitively designed clips and cane clamp provide the extra storage space without compromising the stability of the rollator or the amount of room you have to manoeuvre.

Key Information

  • Compatible with all Rollz Motion models
  • Fits easily to the rollator frame without needing tools
  • Provides easy access to a walking stick or crutch
  • Offers extra carry space for shopping bags or luggage
  • Suitable compartment to store the wheelchair package 
  • Doesn't remove walk-in space or compromise stability

What's Included?

  • 2 x Frame Clips
  • 1 x Cane Clamp

How to Use the Rollz Motion 3-in-1 Holder

Featuring a simple but innovative design, the Rollz Motion 3-in-1 Holder is easy to use. The provided clips slot easily onto the rollator frame to hold both the wheelchair package and extra carrier bags. The cane clamp fits snugly around the shaft and can then be slotted into either one of the frame clips.

Easy Cane Access 

You may want to take your cane with you to use at times when less support is required. Rather than trying to awkwardly balance your cane on the rollator as you go, use the Rollz Motion 3-in-1 Holder to safely store your cane in a convenient little pocket.

Fits Most Cane Sizes

Thanks to the three included elastic attachments, the cane clamp is compatible with most cane sizes.

No Compromise On Walking Space

The Rollz Motion 3-in-1 Holder holds the wheelchair package securely while facing outwards to prevent taking up moving room. Likewise, the hooks on the frame clips face the exterior of the frame, so you can carry extra luggage without sacrificing any walking space.

Compatible Products

This convenient 3-in-1 holder is compatible with all Rollz Motion models, including:

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