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Rollz Motion Rollator Reflection Stickers

Rollz Motion Rollator Reflection Stickers

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Rollz Motion Rollator Reflection Stickers

It is important to always stay visible at night, especially during winter when it gets darker much sooner. People with poor mobility function may take longer to cross the street, so it is vital that road users are given a clear indication that they're there. The Rollz Motion Rollator Reflection Stickers provide a suitable solution to this problem, supplying four reflective stickers that will go anywhere on the rollator.

Key Information

  • Supplied as a set of four
  • Easy to stick to rollator frame
  • Can be placed anywhere on the rollator
  • Also suitable for your cane or walking stick

What's Included?

  • 4 x Reflective Stickers

How Do I Use the Rollz Motion Rollator Reflection Stickers?

Designed just like ordinary stickers, rollator reflection aids couldn't be easier to use. For best results, stick the stickers on areas of the rollator that aren't covered or hidden. Ensure that you have one sticker on all four sides of the rollator so that you're visible from all angles.

Compatible Products 

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