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Rollz Motion Rollator Cup Holder
 Rollz Motion Rollator Cup HolderRollz Motion Rollator Cup Holder 

Rollz Motion Rollator Cup Holder

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Rollz Motion Rollator Cup Holder

Whether it's a cool bottle of water on a hot summer day or a fresh cup of coffee for those early morning starts, you'll need somewhere convenient to keep your drinks. The Rollz Motion Rollator Cup Holder is specially designed to slide onto the frame of the Rollz Motion, giving you easy access to your beverage wherever you go.

Key Information

  • Sturdy plastic cup-holder for 
  • Slides easily onto the frame of the Rollz Motion
  • Lightweight for easy storage and transport
  • Makes your rollator more convenient and versatile
  • Works for both rollator and wheelchair functions

What's Included

  • 1 x Slide-On Cup Holder

Stays Secure

The Rollz Motion Cup Holder is intuitively designed to fit the dimensions of the Rollz Motion frame. This allows the holder to slide easily into place and remain firm, meaning your drink won't spill or fall to the ground, no matter how bumpy your ride gets. 

Transports Easily

The Rollz Motion Cup Holder is small and made with lightweight plastic so it's easy to store or carry around with you. When you no longer need to use it or want to switch to another accessory instead, the holder will fit snugly inside a handbag, backpack or car boot.

Appropriate Size

Neither too big nor too small, the Rollz Cup Holder is sized to hold the average mug, class or bottle. 

Compatible Products 

The Rollz Motion Rollator Cup Holder is compatible with the following Rollz Motion models:

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