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Rollz Motion Safety Drag Brakes
 Rollz Motion Safety Drag BrakesRollz Motion Safety Drag Brakes 

Rollz Motion Safety Drag Brakes

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Rollz Motion Safety Drag Brakes

For greater control of your rollator, the Rollz Motion Safety Drag Brakes provide stronger resistance to reduce speed easier. Featuring an adjustable screw, the resistance strength can be adjusted to tailor to suit individual needs.

What's Included?

  • 2 x Drag Brakes

Key Information

  • Allows precise control of the rollator's speed
  • Mounted above the wheels on both sides of the frame
  • Adjustment screw for adjusting resistance strength 
  • Not recommended to use with pneumatic tyres

Improved Control

The Rollz Motion Drag Brakes improve the resistance to allow for greater control of the rollator speed. Fitted with an adjustment screw, the brakes can be adjusted to match the desired resistance. The screw can be set to zero in wheelchair mode to completely halt the Rollz when necessary. 

Safer Rollator Use

With improved resistance, the Rollz Motion Safety Drag Brakes make the rollator much safer for use, especially when encountering steep climbs and descents. The stronger grip also makes the rollator suitable for use in icy conditions during the winter season.

Safety Information

Due to their strong grip, the Rollz Motion Drag Brakes are not recommended to be used in combination with the pneumatic tyres.

Compatible Products

The safety brakes will work with the Rollz Motion 2.1 and the Rollz Motion Rhythm. However, because of the pneumatic tyres, they are not recommended for use with the Rollz Performance.

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